The Hallowed Ground of Okk, The Guardian Spirit

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A wall of trees wraps around behind you and to the east and west, forming a small half-circle in front of the wall to the north. Your attention is drawn to a small fire in the middle, pushing back the shadows that try to creep into the room. Several mats have been laid in a circle around the fire for people to sit on. You are disturbed slightly by the silence that hangs ominously on this place, but you sense no danger here right now.

(Purple Aura) The Sacred Flame of Life dimly lights the area.

Okk's Holy Symbol: (Purple Aura) a long scar across the cheek

Look scar blood gash
The long, ceremonial scar runs across your cheek, a symbol of your unending devotion to Life and creation.

Look flame fire altar
The fire takes a slight purple glow, radiating a warmth that spreads throughout your entire body, putting your soul at ease. As it drives back the darkness surrounding the room, so must you always hold in check the forces that destroy.

Look North:
A solid wall of granite runs along to the north. The trees around you throw shadows on the wall. The shadows dance eerily on it, forming hideous shapes, revealing to you the dark possibilities of the future.

Look East:
A dense wall of trees takes up your entire view to the east. A strange darkness darts around in between the trees, lurking maliciously just out of view. One tree, larger than the rest, catches your eye.

Look South:
A large portal to the south leads back into the hallway from where you came. Two large oaks stand to either side of the portal, as if watching over the entrance. Their branches span the doorway, ready to block entrance to the room if needed.

Look West:
A dense wall of trees takes up your entire view to the west. A strange darkness darts around in between the trees, lurking maliciously just out of view.

Look Up:
Above you, you see many trees shoot straight up, piercing the azure sky. Shafts of sunlight struggle to reach down through the treetops into the room, battling with the darkness for control.

Look Down:
It looks like an ordinary dirt floor, littered with the leaves, twigs, and seeds of the trees around you. Some words have been scribbled on the floor near the entrance, obviously intended to draw your attention as you walked into the room.

Look words writing floor
It seems some writing has been scratched into the earth at your feet. It doesn't look like whoever wrote it took much care in creating the message, as the letters are messy and look hastily drawn. Nevertheless, the meaning is quite clear to you.
"Greetings, weary soul, welcome to this holy place. You may rest here at peace, and feel free to look around. Perhaps you will leave with a greater understanding of Life. You are welcome here always, so long as you come not to harm."

Look wall shadow shadows
Your vision swirls and blurs as the evil spirits fill your mind with their horrific visions. You see the realm, scarred and wasted as the forces of Good and Evil as they battle to annihilate each other. Great flames sweep across the land, leaving only a black and ruined place where no Life could exist. Suddenly, a calm presence comes and sweeps the vision aside, satisfied that you have been given knowledge by these spirits, yet without being harmed. You hear its voice inside your soul.
"No glory is to be found in war, or a ruined world. We are striving to preserve Life. Such a vision as you have seen is what must never be."

Look mat mats circle
The mats are woven from dried reeds and look very crude. They look as if meant only to direct you to this place to sit, rather than offer any comfort.

Look tree totem pole rules
The tree has been extensively carved, taking the likening of a massive totem pole. Many different faces are carved into the wood, their eyes all staring at you. Maybe it was your imagination, but you could have sworn that they weren't facing you before. A powerful awareness seems to be about them, and you wonder what you might learn about Life from such spirits.

Look carving face spirit
A grotesquely formed, painted face stares back at you with wild eyes. It captures you in its lurid grin, and all of a sudden you hear its voice speak to your soul.
"Know of the existence of Nash as the All-Powerful. He is the Great One who drives the very forces of our being. Through Life his will is spoken, through Life he shapes the world to His liking. All Life you are to revere and hold sacred. Never kill another player, or allow one to die through your neglect."
(look carving2 to continue)

Look carving2
The plain carved face stares at you with an amused smirk on his mouth. He looks into your eyes, locking you in his gaze, and you hear its voice echo within your soul.
"Know that the Great Nash has bestowed upon you two gifts of Life. That of existence, and the ability to grow, to be more than what one is now. Living Life to its fullest potential is the greatest worship, and the greatest glory you can bring to Him."
(look carving3 to continue)

Look carving3
The freshly-carved face leers at you with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. It watches you closely for a while. Presently, you hear a soft voice in your soul.
"Know that objects of the material world are only tools to aid you. They do not do not define your being, so do not allow such things control you. Do not with greed collect equipment, doing so will only bring unhappiness and evil. Take only that which you need, and save or leave the remainder for those in want of such things. Never steal from another player."
(look carving4 to continue)

Look carving4
The carving looks very worn. It is quite dirty, and a trickle of sap runs down its cheek. It smiles at you warmly, and its voice fills your soul.
"Know that Life is an enemy to no one. There will inevitably be those who wish us harm, though we are no danger to them. Do not lose youself to anger with these, or wish to take up revenge, as this only creates only more evil. It is a greater strength to be able to forgive the ones who have wronged you, and show kindness to them still. Learn well from the trials Life throws at you, and, in time, you can conquer all with knowledge and with skill."
(look carving5 to continue)

Look carving5
A subtle face is carved into the tree here. It stares at you calmly, words from it flowing into your soul.
"Know that all Life is to be nurtured and fostered. Be willing to give aid to anyone who is in need, regardless of who they might be, or what they have done. You are not here to judge or prosecute people for their crimes, but simply to bring hope and kindness into the world. "
(look carving6 to continue)

Look carving6
The carving has been marred by many deep scratch marks in the wood. It is difficult to see any face here. You feel a gentle, reassuring presence about you, and a voice enters your soul, flowing through your entire being.
"Know that I, the Guardian Spirit, am here to always help and assist you. I am not a Lord to rule or control, just a guide to help you along your journey. I am a guardian, a protector to watch over Life."
(look carving7 to continue)

Look carving7 death thaygar
This carving lies at the very bottom of the tree, old and forgotten. Its face of rotting wood looks up at you silently, its voice whispering to your soul.
"Know that Death is ever a part of Life. Some destruction is always needed to pave the way for new growth. Know this, and accept death for what it is, but go no further than that. Wanton destruction leads to nothing but suffering."
Its last words die off, and the spirits fall silent. You are left sitting here to ponder over all you have heard.