The Fortress of Blood

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The stench of death stings yours senses as you enter this sanctuary of the
damned. The walls that form this massive fortress are thick, and carved of
midnight black obsidian. Vaults and arches soar above your head, supported by
several mithril-trimmed corinthian pillars.

On the northern wall lies an expansive engraving, while the southern wall
appears to be lined with twisting steel weapon racks. A carved obsidian throne
rises near the western end of this hallow ground.

The air in this place is thick, and hard to breathe. A thin, wispy layer of
fog levitates a few inches from the ground. You notice various pools of blood
that have formed below the sheet of fog. This jutting hall strikes you as a
place in which both savagery and beauty co-exist. From the towering arches to
the menacing weapon racks, this inner-sanctum sends a chill down your spine,
for it represents the evil beings that dwell within its walls.
A wicked looking chest floats here, forged of brimstone and scorched obsidian.

Holy Symbol: the Signet of Blood
Long Desc: A bloody signet reminds you of your allegiance to the Phalanx.

The northern wall is dominated by a large, circular engraving.

Look EAST:
Peering east, you see the entrance to these bloody halls.

Seemingly endless racks of honed, sharpened weapons lie to the south.

Look WEST:
You think you see some sort of throne rising from the layer of fog.

Look UP:
Black obsidian arches are suspended above you by corinthian columns.

Look DOWN:
The floor, etched of blackened marble, lies riddled with blood and cloaked with
a layer of silver fog.

You spy the throne of Lord Gavin, rising from the fog, and decked with blood.

This massive circular engraving pays tribute to the followings of Lord Gavin's
mortal existance.
Swirling to form a vortex-like image, are three individual engravings:
A ferocious feasting scene glows a fiery red; a tribute to the Arcanes.
A scene of valiance and bravery glows blue; a tribute to the Wind.
A black knight is depicted here, glowing a fiery red; a tribute to the Ash Moon

You gaze upwards at the seemingly endless obsidian weapon racks. Bearing
every type of weapon, from standard broadswords to black pearl throwing
knives, you can tell that this sanctum provides shelter for the deadliest of