The Draoi Maple Grove

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The maple trees seem to diverge into two sections here, one side a dance
of fiery leaves covered by a mantle of darkness. The other section appears
serene with a light green canopy allowing the shimmering sun light to pass
through its tender leaves. The two seem to meet in simple, balance neutrality.
The chaos and the structure joined in harmony, a solid and sure equillibrium.
You can see engravings on the trees, symbols glowing with a strange yellow
radiance. A stone walkway, carefully carved and shaped, lies through the
forest juncture with a small, odd looking maple in the center.
You see a smoothed granite altar here, it appears to be as old as the forest.

lOOK Altar:
The surface of the altar has a tree, perfectly balanced, carved into its face.

Look tree symbol engraving:
The trees appear to bear the mark of Lord Nash signifying his presence
in the Draoi rituals and ordeals. His doctrine resides, his gospel presides.
Each Draoi embraces this doctrine and applies it to their own life.

Look stone walkway:
The walkway consists of stones, each appearing to have a law written on
1. Never harm a fellow Nashite
2. Praise Lord Nash always, firmly, and sincerily
3. Protect your honor, do not distort it or the Order's reputation by deceit
4. Bear the Order's name, take it upon yourself, remember always who you are
5. Refrain from excessive vulgarity on the channel of faith
6. Sustain your elders, seniority is dictated by rank and by level within rank

Look small odd maple:
You see an odd maple tree in the center of the grove, splitting the
stone walkway. The tree appears to have two distince halves, one side
representing the Ovates and their aggressive tendencies, the other side
appears to represent the Bards and their history loving preservation of
tradition. The tree, affectionataly coined the Aretha, appears to have
three types of branches, the lowest being the Deacons, the middle being
the Teacher, and the highest being the Priest. A canopy can also be
discerned and it symbolizes the High Priest, or Ordained.

Look Deacon:
The Deacon is an introductory office, it is the rank at which followers
are inducted into preliminarily. Their conduct will be evaluated to
warrant advancement. The Decon is charged with learning the doctrine of
Nash, maintaining their role as either an Ovate or Bard, spreading the
gospel, and sustaining their superiors.

Look teacher:
The Teacher's have stewardship over the Decons and are charged with
instructing the Decons in the ways of the Order. Teachers are charged
with interviewing prospective persons, and making an appropriate
recommendation to a Priest for questing. Teachers sustain Priests.

Look priest:
A Priest has stewardship over all but the High Priests, they are charged
with instruction, protection, and provision. They handle disputes of
those below them. Priests are also charged with questing prospective
followers after receiving a recommendation by a Teacher.

Look darkness:
Here, life is pitch... and light only exists through the purity of Lord
Nash, as this sector has been shrouded in a surreal and emotional darkness.
Overcome with anxiety, fear, and then the strength and courage to continue,
you stretch your eyes across the shadows to form a haze of apparitions.
Traveling from one form to another... from another to the last, you gain
a greater understanding of a certain clan of barbarous ogres. Delicately
carved into a hard maple foreground lies two inscriptions entitled "The
Black Ogre Clan of Nashite". The first inscription reads: Submit yourself
to Lord Nash. Obey the laws of Nashite, and be willing to live, kill,
and die for the Nashite faith. Any non-Nashite is an uneducated
whom must be enlightened through death. Spread the Nashite name, and the
Nashite faith through the blood of our enemies. The second inscription
reads: Ranking is established through strength, courage, blood lust, and
commitment. Only through defeating our enemies, may you establish rank
within the Clan. Rank will be presented through the presiding ogre.
1-9 Scourge
10-19 Savage
20-29 Wraith
30-39 Marauder
40-49 Executioner
50+ Clan Elder.
Martyr, Nashite Harridan of the Black Ogre Clan.