The Dome of Truth

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The large chamber before you is bustling with activity and the air is thick
with the smell of lamp oil. Fluted marble columns frame the arched entrance,
the heavily armored sentries flanking either side almost indiscernible in
their stillness. Gray slate-paneled walls rise to form flying buttresses that
support the domed ceiling above. Mounted lanterns spaced at even intervals
cast faint shadows that dance recklessly across the flagstone floor, polished
smooth by centuries of wear. A handful of sturdy oaken tables, their round
tops polished and oiled, form a semicircle around a raised dais in the center
of the room. Upon the dais is a massive table of stone, far larger than the
others, masterly carved and inlaid with bronze. Stone chairs of like
craftsmanship surround the heavy structure, each identical in appearance save
one. An enormous throne of gray flagstone sits at the northern end, commanding
the scene before it. A shaft of light descends from an oculus in the dome
above, illuminating a carved and inlaid portion at the table's center. The
chamber is large enough not to be crowded by the several groups that have
gathered here. Each is a mixture of officers, advisors, scribes and servants,
concertedly working to determine strategy and manage affairs on the various
fronts of the Empire.

(Blue Aura) An enormous table of stone dominates the center of the chamber

==Look South==
The great stone arch at the entrance to the chamber frames the heavy oaken
doors through which you entered. Heavily armed sentries flank the support
columns, ever vigilant in their watch over the people and happenings within.
Their flowing cloaks of snow-colored silk conceal the plate and chain armor
beneath, causing them to blend in with the white marble columns at their
backs. The silver steel of their halberds contrasts sharply against their
pristine garb. To the left of the entrance, wood and iron racks bare row after
row of arms and armor, always kept at the ready should the call to battle be
sounded.  To the right of the entrance, deep shelves extending from floor to
ceiling have been set into the stone wall, containing countless documents and
contracts. All of the Legion's records are stored here, dating from its
inception to the present. A large ink-stained desk sits in the corner, covered
in bare stacks of rolled parchment, each bound by a seal of wax baring the
standard of the Legion. Beside the desk, a large sheet of parchment entitled
"LAWS and RULES of the Legion" hangs from the wall. The smell of fresh ink
speaks of new recruits recently enlisted.

==Look North==
An enormous sheet of white opal rising several spans has been masterfully
inlaid into the north wall, accented by cascading banners of ivory silk that
descend from the ionic capitals above. Each banner has been masterfully
embroidered with the standards of the Legion. Several craftsman labor with
hammer and chisel, meticulously carving into the pristine surface. Names.
Hundreds of names. Thousands of names. Each with its place appointed and
preserved throughout the ages. A dedication has been written into the stone
cornice above.

"Live for yourself and die in obscurity. Die for the Legion and live forever."

The scene provides a backdrop that frames the dais and stone council table in
the room's center. The throne at the table's head is the only seat whose back
faces the memorial.

==Look East==
An arcade of flagstone and marble runs parallel to the eastern wall, vaulted
arches forming a canopy that spans the gallery beneath. The polished stone
tiles faintly reflect the painted ceiling above, washing the causeway in a
range of colors. Numerous pieces of art and artifacts are on display here. Oil
paintings and hand-woven tapestries hang purposefully in the spans between the
columns and bits of sculpture have been set into the recessed alcoves that run
from the gallery to the southern end of the chamber. Six porcelain statues,
astonishing in their realism, stand eternally frozen in all their magnificence
atop raised pedestals gilded in gold. A gold plaque has been fastened to base
of each, giving name to these giants among men. A seventh statue stands beside
the rest, it's once pristine surface burned and scarred. The head is missing,
leaving only the jagged stump of a neck behind. The gold plaque at its
pedestal's base has long since been removed, replaced by a simple panel of
rusted iron.

Above, clerestory windows grace the eastern wall, stone tracery carved with
immaculate detail. The light that pours in shatters against the grand marble
columns, casting sweeping shadows across the chamber floor. At the northern
end of the gallery, three narrow steps descend from the causeway to form a
small landing where a simple wooden door pierces the eastern wall.

==Look West==
Three wide steps ascending into a low, broad platform dominate the western
wall. Two enormous columns of white marble, one at each end, rise several
spans to support the masterfully constructed and carved entablature above. A
large frieze spans its breadth, depicting scenes of the great battles of
history in all their glory and splendor. Beneath, a large tapestry hangs,
dominating the wall's center. Gilded stand-lamps placed at either side cast a
warm light upon it, revealing its piecemeal construction. A small crowd of
venerated officers have gathered before it, engaged in focused conversation.

A man of some rank stands relaxed upon the platform, displaying a large piece
of parchment to the master weaver beside him. Looking on, the old man dictates
to his young apprentice, awing the boy with his ability to take visual
measurements of the great tapestry before them.

==Look Up==
The great dome above you is an architectural wonder. Incredibly, it appears to
have been carved from a single piece of stone, placed with utter precision as
a crown upon the chamber. Slender curves weave downward from the oculus,
transitioning into flowing arches that eventually descend in marble columns.
White-feathered birds wheel and weave their way between the colonnades,
playfully dancing in and out of the shadows. A shaft of light, nearly blinding
in its brilliance, pierces the dome's center and illuminates a portion of the
stone table beneath.

Truly, this place is a masterpiece of artistry and engineering.

==Look Down==
The flagstone floor has been polished smooth by centuries of scuffing boots,
giving its surface an unnatural sheen. Each stone has been precisely laid in
place by some master of the craft, leaving not a single gap to be found. The
only floor covering is a long carpet of wool, cut short and dyed red, that
runs the length of the gallery along the eastern wall. A tiled mosaic
occupies a large space between the chamber's arched entrance and the raised
dais in the center of the room.

===Look Table Altar===
This enormous stone table stands as the predominate feature in the room. A
circle of bronze inlay surrounds the centermost portion, brilliantly
illuminated by the shaft of light descending upon it from above. An
inscription has been carved circularly into its center, matching the inlay's
angle. Its words flare in the sunlight, clear and unmistakable. Additional
inlay radiates out from the table's center, straight lines dividing its
surface into perfectly equal sections and forming the sunburst that is the
Standard of the Legion. Large chairs carved from matching gray stone surround
the table, each with its appointed station. Portions of its surface have been
worn smooth over the ages by the gauntleted hands of those worthy enough to
have sat here. An enormous throne of stone rises at the table's northern end

===Look Inscription===
"Freedom in Service. Courage in Battle. Glory in Death."

===Look Throne===
Carved from an enormous block of gray flagstone, this massive throne commands
the scene before it. Too large to seat an average man comfortably, it dwarfs
the chairs assembled in a semicircle around the round council table at the
room's center. Hard and angular, it contrasts with the sweeping arches and
subtle curves of the chamber. Heavy armrests connect to the tall tapering back
which is angled at the crown. It has no legs, being supported instead by the
heavy square base that grounds its incredible weight. There is no padding; no
scrollwork; no decoration or ornamentation. Unchallenged, it sits at the
table's head, solemn and cold.

===Look Memorial Opal===
The names of those who paid the ultimate price for the Legion have been
masterfully carved into the surface of this pristine memorial, preserved
throughout the ages. Everyone must taste death. When your time comes, how will
the world remember you?

===Look Mosaic===
Bits of earth tone glass in a range of muted colors have been cleverly pieced
together to form this mosaic. The scene depicts Awhanil, Paladin and Champion
to the Fallen God Farin, engaged in a ferocious battle with a host of the
Black Conclave of Nashite. The corpses of slain foes blanket the ground at his

===Look Tapestry===
The enormous tapestry before you depicts a map of the known world. Each
territory is represented by an individual piece of colored cloth, all woven
together with deft precision to form the scene before you. Two pieces have
recently been removed, soon to be replaced by new ones reflecting some shift
in the border of an unknown kingdom. Their present absence has left open holes
that allow the bare stone behind to show through.

===Look Statue Plaque===
The six porcelain statues on their raised pedestals and accompanying plaques
can be viewed with "look statue1", "look plaque2", etc.

===Look Statue1 Plaque1===
Kalten, Lord of the Ivory Rose

===Look Statue2 Plaque2===
Awhanil, Warrior of Virtue. Paladin of Light

===Look Statue3 Plaque3===
Einskaldir, Honorable Priest of the Dragonlord

===Look Statue4 Plaque4===
Ozymandius, Warmaster of House Veladorn

===Look Statue5 Plaque5===
Erond, the Three Fold Paladin

===Look Statue6 Plaque6===
Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, Paladin of Passion

===Look Statue7 Plaque7===
Dove the Disgraced. Fallen Paladin

===Shard Key===
(Glowing) a shard of light
Blinding in its radiance, this shard burns with a holy light

===Sunburst Standard===
(Glowing) a golden sunburst
This golden pin has been cast in the shape of a sunburst; the Legion's Standard

===Rules Laws===
The large sheet of parchment hanging on the wall before you displays all of
the information about the Legion one might require prior to enlistment. This
information has been divided into several sections. LOOK SECTION1, LOOK

Section1 - Creed
Section2 - Enlistment Standards
Section3 - Terms of Service
Section4 - Structure and Operations
Section5 - Rank
Section6 - Court-Martial
Section7 - Dismissal

===Section1 Creed===
The Legion of Dawn is the terrible hand of justice whose holy mission it is to seek
out and punish the wicked. Soldiers of the Legion are true to their creed and
just to their people, yielding obedience to the noble laws and principles
which afford protection to the weak and honor the righteous. Let not
self-interest, favor or prejudice bias your integrity or influence you to be
guilty of a dishonorable action, but let your conduct be uniform and your
deportment suitable to the dignity of your noble order.
Practice fortitude and temperance and uphold the virtues of the righteous.  
Above all, be courageous on the battlefield and merciless in the face of your
enemies. Seek them out and those who associate with them and slay them as they
would slay you, letting not misguided compassion or reservation weaken your

The Code of the Legion:
  1. I shall honor the Legion, the Immortals and the laws of the realm
  2. I shall seek out and punish the wicked, ceaselessly opposing and battling evil
  3. I shall retreat not from adversity nor challenge
  4. I shall protect the innocent and defend the weak
  5. I shall give alms and aid to those in need
  6. I shall endeavor to be a champion of the people and worthy of their respect
  7. I shall honor the righteous and strive to be among them

===Section2 Enlistment===
To be eligible for enlistment in the Legion, one must meet the following
  1. Be a minimum of effective level 10
  2. Posses a complete set of equipment
  3. Be in good standing with the Authorities of the Mountain of Knowledge
  4. Be of honorable repute or, if not, posses a sincere desire to change
  5. Be willing to slay the wicked, knowing that you may be slain in turn
  6. Be willing to display your rank and allegiance in either your title or description
  7. Posses a willingness to carry out orders without question
  8. Display a willingness to serve something greater than yourself
  9. Be in obedience to all of the realm's laws
  10. Be respectful of Immortal Authority at all times
  11. Be and remain in strict obedience to the laws of character separation

===Section3 Terms===
Prior to enlistment, Terms of Service must be established. These are variable
and negotiable but must be mutually agreed upon by both the individual and the
Lord Commander himself or his appointed official/s. Once the conditions are
settled, a contract is signed and filed accordingly for the duration of the
term. Violating the terms are grounds for COURT-MARTIAL and possible
DISMISSAL. At the expiration of the Term, if an individual wishes to continue
their service, new Terms must be established and a new contract signed. This
may differ from the initial contract and it is an opportunity for both parties
to renegotiate. The details of the terms are as follows:

1. Length of the Term served
While some individuals may wish to dedicate their lives entirely to the
Legion, the term served need not be permanent. This may be negotiated prior to
enlistment. Should you not wish to renew your service at the end of the agreed
upon term you will be released without bias. Being released does not prevent
you from reenlisting at a later time. Be aware that contract soldiers may not
be entitled to the same ranks and privileges as career officers.

2. Free Companions & Mercenaries
An individual who either has an existing allegiance or is not personally
invested in the Legion's mission may still be contracted to serve as either a
Free Companion or Mercenary. The two are essentially the same. Whether or not
these individuals are formally accepted into the following is dependent upon
their situation and the agreed upon terms. If an individual that worships
another Immortal signs a contract with the Legion, it is their responsibility
to insure there is not a conflict of interests. Once the contract is signed,
the Legion will expect that it be fulfilled, regardless of what your deity may
think about it. Why such an individual may want to be contracted is explained

3. Conditions of the Terms & Negotiation
The conditions of the Terms are limited only by your imagination. While it may
not be agreed to, everything and anything will be considered. Depending on the
details, the Terms of Service may result in services or reward being bestowed
on the individual. In turn, it may require payment or services in some form.
Some examples are as follows:

  1. Adventure. An individual wants to (or is needed to) run a zone or participate in a quest. 
  2. Protection. An individual wants to level under the protection of a following but does not necessarily want to join permanently.
  3. Knowledge. Someone wants a piece of knowledge the Legion has or the Legion wants a piece of knowledge that someone else has.
  4. Roll-Playing. A person may wish to serve for roll-playing purposes. The sky is the limit.
  5. Reward. Gold, equipment, experience, payment of debt, restrings. Use your imagination.

===Section4 Structure Operations===
The Lord Commander has supreme authority over the Legion and all of its
affairs. Beneath him is the Council of Officers, who have the duty and
responsibility to determine policy, issue orders and govern Legion affairs.
The core of the Legion is divided into two divisions: The Companions and the
Reserve. The Companions are the heart of the Legion. They stand on the front
lines, actively carrying out and executing the Legion's will. The Reserve is
comprised of support troops. They stand behind the front lines, handling
logistical issues while providing service and supply to the Companions. It
will be at the Council's discretion as to whether or not they command the
Companions and Reverse themselves or delegate this responsibility to an

Council of Officers
The Lord Commander will make appointments to the Council until it is comprised
of three members. Once this happens, the powers of selection and induction
will shift to the Council itself. If at any time its active numbers fall below
three, power will shift back to the Lord Commander. Although the Lord
Commander presides over the Council he neither holds a seat nor votes on
Council affairs. However, he reserves the right to veto any motion made by the
Council and may force a motion into affect without Council approval.

A Tribunal will be formed to evaluate and judge violations, COURT-MARTIAL or
otherwise. When and how a Tribunal is ordered will be at the discretion of the
Lord Commander and Council of Officers.

Treaties may be made with other Immortals, followings or individuals. The
details of these treaties will be dependent upon the agreed upon terms. While
the Council of Officers may negotiate and draft treaties, none may go into
effect without the explicit approval of the Lord Commander.

This is the ultimate declaration of war and unrelenting hostility against an
enemy. While the Council of Officers may file a motion, only the Lord
Commander himself may declare a Crusade.

===Section5 Rank===
The internal structure of the Legion is based on a hierarchy of Rank. The
higher an individual's rank, the more authority he or she has over those
beneath them. Responsibilities and duties should be delegated accordingly.
Senior Officers will be expected to handle major issues while minor ones
should be delegated to Junior Officers. This limits the burden on higher
ranking individuals while simultaneously providing training opportunities to
those beneath them. An individual's rank is to be displayed in either their
title or description unless directed otherwise. The display of rank in one's
title is preferred.

Every member of the Legion has the authority to issue orders to other members
of lesser rank, though this privilege is typically reserved for officers
unless none are present. Refusal to follow orders or excessive argumentation
will be considered insubordination and is grounds for disciplinary action and
possible COURT-MARTIAL. HOWEVER, members should be "EXTREMELY CAREFUL" about
the purpose, nature and type of any orders they issue. The issuance of orders
that are unnecessary, self-serving, unjustifiably dangerous, degrading etc.
will result in swift punishment being executed upon the issuer. Such
punishments may include but are not limited to relief of command, demotion,
capital punishment and dismissal from service. In cases of serious offense, a
COURT-MARTIAL may be bypassed and punishment executed immediately.

In the event of a crisis, the highest ranking member online will have
authority over the situation. This privilege comes with responsibility as they
may be held accountable for the outcome depending on their involvement.

===Section6 Court-Martial===
Breaches of discipline are subject to Court-Martial. A Court-Martial may also
be held to try a prisoner of war. Court-Martials will be presided over by a
military Tribunal. The Tribunal will determine whether or not the individual
in question should be acquitted of the charges against them or face
punishment. Sentencing may include, but is not limited to, imprisonment,
demotion, capital punishment and banishment.

===Section7 Dismissal===
Breaches of discipline are subject to Court-Martial. A Court-Martial may also
be held to try a prisoner of war. Court-Martials will be presided over by a
military Tribunal. The Tribunal will determine whether or not the individual
in question should be acquitted of the charges against them or face
punishment. Sentencing may include, but is not limited to, imprisonment,
demotion, capital punishment and banishment.