The Command Tent

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A large table dominates the center of the room. Facing the
entrance, the commander's chair is a high backed wooden chair with
a large cushion. There are two field chairs flanking the north
and south side of the table. An Ouija board is arranged on the
table. A tarot deck, knucklebones and a voodoo doll are placed
around the table. Braziers hold down the four corners of the
ornate rug that fills the floor of the tent. A beautiful chandelier
shines brightly from above. The chandelier is held in place by
a pulley and rope that is attached to a corner of the tent behind
the command table. A dream catcher is hung from a tether extending
from the ceiling.
A crystal ball sits on an oak pedestal.

Look Pedestal:
An oak pedestal is engraved with the Harbinger Code.

Holy Symbol: an Omen of the Harbingers
Long Desc: A silver pin with a mystic eye stares at you.

Against the north wall racks of armor are assembled on both sides
of a hard wooden bench. The bench is used as a sort of waiting room
or as extra seating should it be needed. The armor acts as sentinels
for those waiting to be heard. Phrenology charts and a zodiac wheel
are attached to the wall here.

Look EAST:
The east face of the tent holds the entrance. 2 tent flaps are pinned
back to allow entrance and are held in place by leather cords. Wards
of protection, guarding against evil, are set on either side of the
entrance. Beside the tent entrance is a boot scrape and sword rack.

Against the south wall is a sand table. The colored sand in here is
carefully sculpted into a tomoe symbol of good. Small carved tokens
are imbedded in the sand as omens to ward off evil. The sand table
has a side board that holds many more tokens. Behind the sand table
on the wall is a tapestry depicting The Harbingers in battle. A comet
streaks across the sky above the battle field.

Look WEST:
Against the west wall sits a small laurel tripod that holds an
engraved bowl and pendulum used for scrying. To the left of the
tripod is a bookcase filled with mystical books. To the right of
the tripod is a small table with a tray that holds a small, intricately
designed ceramic tea pot. Surrounding the tea pot are four ceramic
mugs. A tin of tea leaves sits next to the tea pot. A small coat rack
holds a well worn baldric and sword. Charms are attached to the
baldric to ward against evil. An ensign of the Harbingers is carefully
displayed on the wall. The ensign seems to waiver as if the wind is
causing havoc with the tent walls.

Look UP:
You get the feeling that the vaulted ceiling is actually a gateway into the
vast expanses of space. Stars, planets and moons ricochet like atoms in and
out of view. A comet streaking across the sky is the only constant in this
myriad of colliding worlds. You cannot fathom what is holding the chandelier
and dream catcher in place here.

Look DOWN:
The ornate rug that dominates the floor swirls with activity. You get
the feeling that you are standing in oblivion and at the same time standing
on an ornate rug. You feel as if you are suspended on a swirling mass of
mist with no end.

Look CODE:
The Harbingers code:
1. You are good. It is your duty to be good. Help others.
2. You are a part of a unit. Help each other and work together.
3. You are not limited on trading partners but if a deal goes south it was fated to be that way.
4. You will be honorable in all your dealings.
5. You are required to give a following gift to all new members below your current level.
a. The following gift does not have to be magical but should be useful.
b. Following gifts must come from your person, so carry one for this purpose. The pit is not your storage place for following gifts.
c. Following gift disputes that require intervention will be handled on a case basis and all judgements will be final.
d. New members are no longer considered new members after 2 weeks from the day of acceptance.
6. You must follow all TFC rules.
7. There are 2 arms of the Harbingers, combat and mystic. You must pick one.

A swirling mist unfolds into writing that displays the Harbinger Code.

The previous Immortal occupants of this temple are below.