The Circus Tent

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You enter into a large round tent. Frightening sounds and rancid smells of circus animals fill the air. You are suddenly surrounded by the many gruesome deaths that seem to happen at this Dark Circus. A very strangely dressed clown walks up and gives you a Big Balloon and shows you to the center of the ring. You find a large rusty cage. A mysterious ferocious creature roams back and forth over your prize "A Golden Ticket!"

(Red Aura)A shaky rusty old cage stands in the center ring.

Holy Symbol: a Golden Ticket
Long Desc: A ticket to the circus lies here.

Look cage
A shaky rusty old cage that seems to move with every step of the creature walking inside. It reaches out and ****DEMOLISHES**** you! This creature guards the "Golden Ticket!"

Look North:
You just see the famous quadruple release move off the trapeze, but the young man misses his partner and lands in the path of the knife thrower as he is throwing six knives into him.

Look East:
You see the famous animal trainer stick his head into the lions mouth, but the lion turns into a great Dragon and swallows the man whole.

Look South:
You hear a large explosion from what looks like a cannon and then you feel a breeze over your head as the man that has just been shot flies over you, but he misses his intended target and lands in the cage center and then you see the creature having its dinner.

Look West:
You see the entrance from you just came and you notice it closing. You wonder if you are stuck in here forever and you too will become dinner for the creature of the cage. Regardless, stay and enjoy the Dark Circus.

Look Up:
The canvas roof of the tent hangs above you.

Look Down:
Straw covers a large portion of the dirt floor.