Syla's Temple

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Once your eyes adjust to this candle-lighted Temple, you begin to perceive beyond the shadows. The gothic walls are constructed of ancient stones, from the sacred land of Syla's birthplace. You sense this is no ordinary room, and can feel the black magic which lurks here. Nothing is as it seems, or perhaps your eyes are just playing tricks on you. You get the distinct impression you are not alone.
(Red Aura) A petrified, onyx fish is here.
(Red Aura) Two eyes blink at you from a ball of fur.

Look Altar:
With resemblance of a giant fish, this Altar is finely-crafted with emeralds and onyx.

Look Kitten:
A Familiar to a very powerful Mistress of Mischief stares at you in wonder, and curiosity.

Holy Symbol: a silken, scarlet letter, 'S'
Long Description : An embroidered cloth wiggles on the ground.
Look cloth: The embroidered cloth of a once Notorious Following,wiggles here on the ground.

This is where the Altar of Syla rests. The entire wall is adorned with glowing candles. An immortal inscription burns in the stones, it reads, Evil Shall Prevail Through Mischief. Under it you spy a plaque of rules.

You see the dim outline of a darkened cage. Upon closer examination, you hear the pulsing breath of one of Syla's pets. Perhaps you should move to a safer distance from this cage.

You search in vain to find the passage from which you entered. It seems you must count on blind faith for safe passage through this ancient stonewall.

There is a crawling, mystical vine which grows along a milky, stone wall. It appears to be moving of its own accord towards you. You will have to get hold of your nerves and deal with it if you want to enter the portal in the wall.

You see bats in the belfry.

This dark floor is unlike any you have ever seen before. It seems to 'sense' your presence and you notice a slight glow emitting from where your feet touch the tiles.

Followers of the Cult of Mischief abide by six rules:
1. (Rule 1 is *never* to be spoken of or written (typed). This is all that need be known of the first rule.)
2. No grouping with Good unless Evil benefits significantly outweigh Good benefits.
3. No physical aid (i.e. defensive spells, equipment, picking locks, etc.) for Good players.
4. Random PKing is forbidden. PKing shall only be allowed (and encouraged) for retaliation and defense. No alignments restrictions.
5. Followers of Pyros are to be considered and treated as family.
6. Do not ever, under any circumstance, impersonate a duck in Syla's presence.

Syla's Hideout

Inky darkness fills the depths of this room, with only the warm glow from a scattering of candles providing a bit of light near a large, overstuffed chair. Near the chair is a table with several medical books, and under it is a small dish of milk. Soft music comes from an invisible source, giving this room an air of peace and tranquility. Yet something tells you there is danger here...hidden, lurking, and unseen. Maybe you best heed any warnings you have heard about this place...such as the one on the sign you glimpse in the shadows.

Look North:
Inky darkness makes it impossible to see where the room ends and the black wall begins.

Look East:
Inky darkness makes it impossible to see where the room ends and the black wall begins. A strange feeling, though, tells you the portal is this way.

Look South:
Inky darkness makes it impossible to see where the room ends and the black wall begins.

Look West:
Inky darkness makes it impossible to see where the room ends and the black wall begins.

Look Up:
Inky darkness makes it impossible to see where the room ends and the black ceiling begins.

Look Down:
The black shag carpet feels wonderful to the touch...then you feel it move and suddenly become aware its somehow "alive"...

Look sign:

| No Trespassing! Violators will be slain! |
| By order of Madman... |

Syla's Retirement Temple

Syla is So Entirely Special that she received a temple to hang out in after her retirement, which is found out in the world.. somewhere.

An Ancient Lost Temple
[Exits: west]
Slowly and timidly, you enter the lost temple. A peculiar darkness
dwells before you. Your gaze drifts upwards towards the sky, tracing
the remains of gothic stone walls. A crawling vine which does not
look native to the surrounding jungle outside, has nearly overtaken
the temple and slowly pulls apart the walls. Branches from the
neighboring trees scrape against the ancient stones.

There is an unusual peace here, something which wells from the
distant past. You can just barely make out the laughter of mortals
who once stood here in another time. You get the distinct impression
you are not alone. There is nothing of monetary value here any
longer - looters obviously beat you to it, leaving only what they
could not remove or carry.
The sky is cloudy and a warm southerly breeze blows.
(Intense Dark Red Aura) Syla is here.
(Light Red Aura) Two eyes peer at you from beyond the darkness.

l north
Indeed, this wall at one time must have been the focus of the
entire temple; The entire wall looks as if it were once adorned
with metal fixtures, but now only a few remain at the upper
border of the ruins, out of reach. The remainder of an
inscription appears to be carved in one of the larger stones. A
peculiar outline in the wall catches your eye.

l outline As you move towards the wall, you notice the outline
looks as if a giant fish once stood here. An emerald
is wedged in between one of the old stones. You try in
vain to remove the jewel, however it will not budge
from its resting place.

l south
A thick growth of vines completely covers the southern wall,
hiding all but the faintest glimpses of weathered stone from

l east
The entire eastern wall is a pile of rubble. A strange vine
covers the rubble and whatever secrets it once hid. A broken
plaque lays in pieces at the bottom of the rubble.

l plaque
The only words you can make out are ‘abide by six rules’.
Maybe if you had some tools you would be able to uncover
more words on this ancient plaque. Of course, who wants
to read about someone’s old rules.

l west
The large vine which covers most of the temple appears to
have rooted itself along the western wall. The wall itself
is one of the few things left intact in this lost temple. A
small portal in it leads out into jungle.