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Official Information

Syntax: STUDY

A bard can use STUDY to learn from a lyrical. A lyrical is a special
magical construct that enhances a bard's experiences and opens up new
knowledge for the bard. Since the knowledge granted from a lyrical is
magically endowed, the bard does not have permanent knowledge of the new
skill. Rather, the bard will retain the knowledge until he is killed.
Death causes lyrical magic to unravel from the mind of the bard.

Lyricals are most useful to higher level bards, and depend on the skill
level of the bard for their power. Once a lyrical is studied, it
vanishes. Lyrical skills do not increase in power from the time they are

Lyricals are very sensitive. They only endure for short periods of time
before unraveling. Only bards can handle lyricals without the lyrical
quickly decaying.

Lyricals do not save.

Lyricals are uncommon, and few know what powers they may grant.