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Official Information


       STORE <item> [comment]   - Stores item with optional comment
       STORE LIST               - Lists items currently stored
       STORE COST               - Up-front cost of next item storage
       STORE SELL <num|keyword> - Sells an item in storage
       STORE GET <num|keyword>  - Retrieves an item from storage
       STORE OWE                - How much gold you owe for storage
       STORE PAY                - Pays outstanding debt from gold on-hand

The store command allows storage of certain items. Several types of
items may not be stored, such as corpses and containers. There is an
up-front charge for equipment storage, plus incremental costs for the
duration of the storage.

STORE LIST shows the items currently in storage. The number on the
left- hand side can be used to get the item (STORE GET). A description
of the item is shown, its identification mark, if one was made, and how
much Mish will buy the item for. If a comment was supplied, it will
show on the next line.

The specific item you wish to sell (STORE SELL) or get (STORE GET) can
be selected by number, by item description, or by comment.