Slayer's Temple

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As you pass through the heavy oak doors of Slayer's temple the first thing you notice is the complete sense of serenity that fills you. Although the temple is a large room it feels very cozy and not at all intimidating. In the corner is a huge marble fireplace and within a roaring fire of blue flame. The altar, in the center of the room, picks up light from the fire and radiates rainbow prisms in all directions. A sense of well being abounds here, you feel at peace.

(Blue Aura) A large, shimmering sword is embedded in a HUGE diamond altar.

Holy Symbol: a Lionheart medallion
Look medallion: The medallion is made of diamonds, a ruby heart, and emblazoned with a gold lion.

Look North:
A large bookcase covers the entire wall. It is filled with tomes of all variety. there are books on the art of war, the mystical arts, healing, herbs, potions and their magical powers, and the great book of runes. There are scrolls, some are maps others are of a mysterious nature and not for the young initiate. Needless to say, there is more knowledge here than a person could absorb in a lifetime.

Look East:
A tapestry adorns the wall, lanterns hung on either side. It is a representation, rich in color, of Slayer in battle with the prism dragon, impaling the beast thru the heart with his sword "Excalibur". To one side of the tapestry stands a rosewood pedestal. Resting upon it is the book "Slayer's Rules of Worship."

Look South:
On either side of the door you came through there are two giant tower shields. They are identical, depicting the royal heart, emblazoned with a gold lion rearing up to strike. it is obvious, to you, one must be chivalrous as well as courageous to be allowed in this holy place.

Look West:
Two banners of house "LionHeart" are bordering a gold inlay mahogany display case. Above the case,hanging in a crossed pattern, are two "noble" longswords both with jewel incrusted handles. In the case itself are the spoils of victory over evil. You see a dragon's claw from a prism dragon, the poisonous fangs from a vile demon, and a helm from the matron mother. There are other trophies but to many to mention.

Look Up:
The ceiling, made of highly polished quartz, acts as a reflector bathing the room in a soft glow. And, if you look closely, you can see your image captive within it.

Look Down:
You are standing on a mahogany and rose wood floor. The deep luster makes it appear as though you have a twin below you. There is a huge fur pelt next to the fireplace making it an inviting place to rest.

Look book:
"Chivalry is not dead"

Rules of worship:
1: Have fun! After all that's why were here.
2: Be chivalrous in all that you say or do.
3: Help "good" to the best of your abilities.
4: NEVER help evil in any way.
5: Rescue all damsels who are in distress. (except evil)
6: PK'ing is only allowed in retaliation for the death of a follower or to assist another "good" in the same cause.
7: Followers are to recruit for new initiates as time permits.
8: Do as your Lord commands.

NOTE: ANY infraction of the these rules can result in rejection from the house "LionHeart"!