Siren's Temple

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You have entered the Abyss of Siren's Lair. The eastern wall and the ceiling are made of glass. The city lights below illuminate the room in a hazy soft misty glow. Flames leap and dance in a large fireplace in the corner. Over the fireplace is a bronze plaque. On the mantle a small sign has been placed.

(Red Aura) The Altar of Siren is surrounded by a red mist.

Holy Symbol: the Medal of the Dark Mist
Long Description: A gift for bravery, the Medal of the Dark Mist can be worn with pride.
Look Medal: The Medal of the Dark Mist is carved with swirling clouds and ominous lightning bolts.

Look Altar:
At the far end of the room an altar stands gloriously surrounded in a red mist. Many treasures collected in time lie carefully arranged on the top. A locked cabinet on the side of the altar holds the special gifts Siren has collected.

Look North
The northern lights color the sky with their beauty of waving colors.

Look East
Along the glass wall of Siren's temple a large, overstuffed couch has been placed. The world below can be seen from here, watched with evil eyes. The couch also invites you to rest, to think, to talk and dream.

Look South
The exit from Siren's temple if filled with a dark mist.

Look West
A glorious sunset illuminates the sky with all the red colors of evil. The light bounces off of the clouds, creating the forms and shapes of many creatures and monsters. A doorway of mist shimmers just on the edge of your vision.

Look UP
The dark sky is filled with many stars and moons. The beauty of their shape and clusters only matching the glory of their numbers.

Look Down floor
Below the perils and triumphs of mortals can be seen. The chant of their glory and pain can be heard from here.

Look Door
The heavy iron door is like a vault.

Look plaque
Hand pounded into the plaque is a picture of Siren, surrounded by billowing clouds and lightning.

Look Sign
Follow the Call of the Dark Mist of Siren.
The evil abides in your soul.
May you live and die with dignity.
May you conquer the world with pride and goal.

Siren's Office

Siren's office is serenely quiet. The walls glow in the light of hundreds of candles. This is a place of imagination and creation. A desk in the center of the room catches your eye, as does the hand-drawn map that has been draped across it.

Look North
The most powerful Gods reside and create our world up there.....Shhhhh. Their minds locked together always fabricating and molding new lands and creatures to taunt and test our abilities. Shhhh..they should not be disturbed.

Look East
Siren's temple is through the massive doorway. On occasion, followers of The Mist meet here to speak of their adventures, scheme their evil endeavors, and to loot the corpses of triumphant kills.

Look South
A solid wall of ever-shifting mist covers the south wall, swirling so that you cannot quite focus. Several minutes of staring reveal some runes etched into the marble behind the mist. As your vision clears a bit, you see a mirror that has been placed at eye level.

Look West
The west wall is entirely covered with writing. The names, races and classes of all followers of The Mist are here, the living and the dead. Some have small plaques below their names. Others glow with a strange colored aura never seen before. Are these the "marked"??? Is your face here???

Look UP
The ceiling is glass as in Siren's temple. The night sky filters in the shining light of a full moon or the enchanting sprays of lightning during a storm. A shade is drawn during the day, as evil only lurks in the dark.

Look Down
The floor is covered in the thickest of Persian carpeting, mostly to silence the heavy step of Siren's giant feet, of to muffle her stomping tantrums when a follower misbehaves.

Look Desk
An enormous desk of petrified wood sits here, it is littered with bits of paper and a map. Notes of new worlds lie scattered all about the floor around the desk. Hanging on a brass hook at the edge of the desk are many bags made from the corpses of mortals, trophies of Siren's evil triumphs. Three pictures have been carefully placed at the center of the desk. Thaygar - Of The Ebon Hand, beloved husband of Siren. Another picture shines with a glowing light so bright you cannot really see who it is. The third picture, encased in a gilded frame, a great bird of prey soaring through the clouds. Strange........a jar of Grey Poupon mustard sit on the edge of the desk..??

Look Map
A hand-drawn map of our world has been strewn across the desk. Many red flags have been strategically placed on map. Are these the sites where Siren's evil hand will wield its wrath of evil fury?

Look Mirror
As you stare into the mirror, your own face contorts and morphs into the faces of those who have been consumed by The Mist......... You look away in sheer disgust and terror.