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Sioleinas has always considered himself a child of fate. His two parents each member of the High Council of Loth-Llorien always dreamed of there son being a great mage of Loth-Llorien, but his heart was not into the arts. Most of his friends practice swords and melee skills as he watched from the distance, even he tried them on many occasions only to be scolded my his parents. To please them he went in to the the great forests searching for a master. that would teach him these arts. As he grew older, the magic that he grew up hating, controlled him. He found out he could do much more with these new powers then any strength could overcome.

Once he begin his Adult hood he mastered the skills he teacher tought him, only less then perfection then the original. Now he seaks the person that bestowed him with this fate. Learning of the Web Mistress, he searches to many temples till he stumbled across them. He read upon the many archives and scrolls till he found his destiny. Now he starts his search for the towns in his area, knowing much more knowledge can be found, and to prove to his Mistress that he is worthy of her following and her blessing.



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