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Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Mage

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Hum [       Ma: 9       ] Siobhaun dreams of beastly fidos        08/19/2001
Hum [       Ma:10       ] Siobhaun will be a rage manger.         01/17/2002

Character History:

As I was born so shall I live, a simple peasant girl, child of Martul of Midgaard and Selena of Ofcol. Selena was slain by a rampaging demon when I was but three years old, and my father Martul was unable to care for me. I was delivered into the hands of Sorbus to be raised and I saw the wonders of the natural world. But I also saw the intricate webs spreading across the night sky, and I was drawn to them. I knew not the portent of these traceries, and Sorbus saw them not. My soul was touched with the need to discover the meaning behind the tapestry of threads, torn between serving with my dear Sorbus and going out into the world.

Sorbus released me from his service when I reached the age of 12, and I journeyed then unto the Temple in Midgaard. I knew of this place from the tales my Father had told me when I was a babe, but much had changed since that time. Not only was I alone in this world of worldly men, but my inherited wisdom was no longer relevant to the struggle I faced.

It was then I saw myself apart from the main weft formed by the strands of those around me. My master at the temple recognized this in me, and sent me forth to find my way. I thank him still for his insight, and yearn to discover my true purpose. Around me I see many in the realm who repeat the same patterns, many who are free from the constraints. But I also see that they are not aware of what has gone before, what will come. I know I am in an obfuscating mist, confusing my senses, and only when I learn to gaze through the patterns of chaos will I see where I am bound.

I perceive the work of many in the formation of the tapestry, and I know I am not able to understand from watching my peers. To learn something of the nature of the fabric I must watch young lives form and watch as they go about their business. I must strive to see the connecting strands, and I must do this alone. There are things I cannot do, for I am not a powerful creature in this realm. But those things I can do, I must perforce do in solitude. Only this way can I hope to perceive the way the fabric is formed.

And so it was I left to seek the knowledge I needed to be able to start to comprehend. I journeyed then to the east, and battled many creatures. I stumbled into the demesnes of other races, and paid the forfeit. I walk in fear of those creatures who paint the substance of the realm red, but I know I cannot learn of them without facing this fear. I follow the thread and often fail to see the mortal world around me, often seeming aloof as I strive to see the patterns just beyond my perception.

As souls are separated from their mortal forms, I seek to weave their spirits into the tapestry. I cannot claim that I know where in the pattern they belong, but I pray for their entrance back into their rightful places. Sadly I cannot see the strands of those that have passed on when I have not been there - but I can see the discordancy of those souls caught in the endless cycles of life, and know that I must release them, albeit temporarily, from the tangled whole and guide them back to their proper homes.

I have journeyed now widely across the Northern Continent, and have visited the Southern. I know I cannot start to make sense of what I see until I have seen all there is, and I know there is no substitute for seeing these places, these people, first hand. If I know not how they are linked, how can I hope to make sense of the whole? I count myself fortunate to have met and spoken with the Lady Cordir. I know in my heart that I will learn to understand more of the realm if I can but earn the right to be Chosen. So I continue my search, seeking to discover those things the Lady requires as proof of readiness. It may take me some time. It may take me all my time in this realm. But I will not give up my search for the knowledge which will allow me finally to realize the goal of being able to start to comprehend the web of existence.


  • Siobhaun began the entry quest to join the Chosen of Fate, but decided on another path.

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