Robert's Hall of Unity

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You look around the large auditorium. Flanking the central aisle are
rows of comfortable leather chairs arranged in an arc, with the rows
sloping down to a podium. Although it can accommodate maybe 200 people
for lectures or presentations, the room looks remarkably warm and
comfortable: the perfect atmosphere for lively discussion or serious
debate. Indeed, this is where Robert and his followers meet to discuss
the activities and organization of the following.

Simple antique lamps mounted on the walls and several ornate
chandeliers bathe the room in a bright, ivory light. The floors are
richly carpeted, and the walls are wood-paneled in exquisite taste.
All along the wall to your left, you see beautifully painted murals.
The wall to your right contains a roll of honor, above a row of
display cases containing various curious-looking paraphernalia.

The imposing podium at the front is ornately carved out of oak. It is
wide, affording a speaker a comfortable space from which to address
those gathered here. This is where members of Robert's following
deliver reports on faraway lands, strange creatures and memorable
events. The podium is flanked by a low table. On the wall at the back,
a large map of the realms is mounted.
A small chest with the Unity symbol on its lid rests on the table.

The small chest on the table is emblazoned with the design of the woven
symbol of Unity. It is in this chest that Robert keeps the Woven Rings of
Unity his followers proudly wear.

Holy Symbol: the woven Ring of Unity
Long Desc: The ring of Unity is woven from ten different strands of silk.

You see the heavy double wooden doors through which you entered the
hall. Along the wall is space for standing members, needed when a
particularly interesting topic is under discussion. By the door, two
coats and a moose hide hat seem to have been forgotten on the coat

Look EAST:
Beautifully painted murals of Robert during his mortal life attract
your attention.
There are captions beneath each of the nine murals (look caption1 to

On the wall opposite you, you see a large relief map of the realms,
cluttered with many, multi-colored pins. However, what draws your eye
is the beautifully woven rope around its border. The rope consists of
ten strands of fine silk. A small plaque below the map says that this
rope symbolizes the unity of the races of the realm. All along the
floor, containers with well-tended plants soothe the eyes. In front of
the map is the podium.

Look WEST:
Towards the front of the hall is an oak door with a gleaming brass
doorknob, and a center panel covered in fine dragon turtle hide,
embossed with the letter "R". You spy some old scars in the wood, as
if some schoolboy had carved graffiti on the door. Looking closer, you
make out something oddly incomprehensible that looks like: "ThE

Along the remainder of the west wall you see a collection of fine
exotic finds - from primitive household articles, to finely crafted
weapons and armor. Above these displays you see a board with a list of
names in gold filigree. Each name is followed by details of the
successful quests they've described in this hall, and the awards and
honors bestowed upon them.

Look UP
You are surprised to see your reflection staring back from a huge
slanted mirror mounted above the podium. The mirror spans the width of
the room, and besides the glittering chandeliers, you can see the
whole of the auditorium. As you stare into the mirror, you fancy that
you see Robert's followers all around you.

Look DOWN:
Feeling overawed in this hall of Unity, ideals and knowledge, you
shyly stare at your shoes.

Look Caption1
A terrified 15-year old Robert, on his first adventure high on the
mighty Chain of Naris, just before JohnPaul rescued him for the first time.

Look Caption2
Robert, indebted for his life to JohnPaul, was allowed to worship his
rescuer. In this mural, he is pictured sitting in a pew in JohnPaul's
temple, discussing the latest developments on the Path of Holy Virtue
with his Master.

Look Caption3
A young Robert proudly grasps the hand of Snare, from whose example he
learnt much. The shadow in the background is that of Zentar, about to
backstab the unseasoned triple-classer. Yet another lesson learnt...

Look Caption4
Robert, clearly middle-aged in this mural, shows a much younger
Coleman the sights of Midgaard.

Look Caption5
Robert and his eternal friend Croac hunt against the spectacular
backdrop of Elemental Canyon.

Look Caption6
The "PiZaN Klan", with Robert in the center, plan new mischief. In the
background, the facade of Agape's Temple can be seen.

Look Caption7
Lorn, Faith and Robert in pitched battle with the Demonlord Orcus.
Magic crackles in the air and blades flash as the threesome tackles
this part of Robert's Quest for Immortality.

Look Caption8
Robert bids farewell to the infamous "Midgaard Group" in front of the
Temple of Mangar, shortly before leaving the mortal realms.

Look Caption9
The last and most recent mural shows Robert in Madman's office, on the
occasion of his ascension to immortality.

Look Podium
The podium is large, and ornately carved. You can make out a large
ring, within which you see finely carved pictures of sky and land,
water and fire, people and animals, plants and rock, all in perfect
harmony with each other. At the bottom of the podium, you see a small

Look Plaque
The plaque reads:
"The Hall of Unity and Knowledge"
Original design by Robert and his first follower, Duvel.

Look Table
On a low table flanking the podium, you see a folder covered in
polished leather, as well as a small chest with the design of the
woven symbol of Unity on its lid.

Look File Folder
The leather-bound folder on the low table is labeled "Resolutions of
Unity", in beautiful calligraphy. When you open it, you read:

  • Help build Unity. Make friends, not enemies.
  • Always help those in need, except if they are evil. Accept evils the way they are. Try to get along with them, just don't help them.
  • Protect the following. If evils harm us one way or the other, do what you must do.
  • Never trade with evils.

A Small, Cozy Office

You find yourself in an office that looks positively tiny compared
with the spaciousness of the Hall of Unity. The first thing you see is
a cheerfully crackling fire in the modest fireplace across from the
door, with a large rug in front of it. As your eyes attune to the
dimmer light, you realize that the wood-paneled office is roomier than
you thought.

The wall to your right is entirely covered with books. On your left
hand side a row of old-fashioned windows let in light, which is
augmented by the elegant green lamp on the large desk that dominates
the south-east corner and faces the center of the room. The leather
visitor chairs facing the desk look much more comfortable than the
simple, straight-backed chair behind Robert's desk.
The Ivory Unicorn rests here.

Look Unicorn:
You look at a beautiful winged Ivory Unicorn resting on the rug in
front of the fire. Although the animal is small, it looks exceedingly
powerful, and you're surprised you didn't notice it before. Its
single horn looks as if it were made of real gold, and as it glances
your way, you marvel at its sparkling azure eyes.

Row upon row of books line the entire north wall. Most of the volumes
are bound in leather, and some look positively ancient. Here and
there, you can make out a title: "Facing Demons, an autobiography of
Robert", "An encyclopedia of monsters", "The mating habits of brass
dragons", and "New explorers in Utopia".

Look EAST:
The eastern wall is wood-paneled like the rest of the room, and the
door through which you entered - so beautifully worked on the other
side - is surprisingly plain on this side. A calendar hangs on the
door, and a map of a confusing network of passages or tunnels hangs on
the wall behind the desk.

A large green blotter and an elaborate stand for quill and ink bottle
carved from ebony dominate the desk. These are framed by neatly
stacked file folders and papers. You notice the words "Quest to
discover..." scribbled on a piece of paper. One of the folders is
marked: "Quest point rankings of Unity followers". The desk is lit by
a lamp, and the light from the windows behind it, through which you
can see only sky.

Look WEST:
The fireplace is framed by simple brickwork, blackened over the years.
Small mementos line the mantelpiece: a shark's tooth, a small pouch, a
simple ring. A small fire crackles in the hearth.