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Official Information

Syntax: RECALL or /

There are two different types of recall. The first type is divine recall, which actually granted by the god you worship. This type of recall is not available to those that do not worship a god (UA).
Note: Divine recall must be 'allowed' by your immortal. Don't be wasteful, it uses up their mana!

The other type of recall is invoked by certain magical objects, such as scrolls and potions of recall.

If you RECALL during combat, you will lose experience (more than for fleeing), and you will have a chance of failing (again, more than for fleeing).

RECALL doesn't work in certain God-forsaken rooms. Characters afflicted by a curse may not recall at all.

Player-Supplied Information

RECALL POTIONS - Word of Recall

These are sold in your hometown. A new character starts with 2 recall potions as 'clear red potions'.
Different hometowns may have different recall potions. All constant sold recalls are keyword 'recall' for use.

Functions as the spell Word of Recall.