Raze's Temple

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There is but one thing in this room: Good. The embodiment of Good, the Eternal Flame, burns brightly in the center of this otherwise simple Temple. The light it radiates is blindingly intense, and the warmth that it lends you is comforting. It seems the Flame has a more profound effect on you spiritually and emotionally, as you feel uplifted and purified in its presence.

Look North
This wall is covered with material related to the Protectors of the Flame -- Raze's following. Each follower has a plaque bearing their name, image, and deeds.

Look East
Mounted on the east wall are several items from the mortal journey of Raze. A simple pick with a strong blue glow is mounted in the center of the wall, with the words "Good Enforced" just below it. On either side of it are several pieces of well-worn armor, some still bearing the impressions of blades and burns of spells.

Look South
The whole wall is covered with writings concerning the past. It tells of the beginnings of Raze, the first follower of Siren, then the Silver Goddess of Good. It lists several quests and deeds Raze participated in throughout his mortality to promote the cause of Siren's Good. Lastly it tells of his rise to immortality and the beginning of his following.

Look West Door
To the west is the door back to the mortal realm. Compared to the feeling you have while here, outside is as unappealing as ever.

Look Up ceiling
The ceiling of the temple is high, leaving room for the rather large Flame in the center of the room. The Flame casts a flickering white-blue light across the ceiling, giving it a look of transluscence.

Look Down floor
The white marble floor of this Temple remains unscathed, even after the heavy boots of many adventurers have trodden here.