Pixel's Temple

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You feel a vague sense of unease at entering this holy place. Dark shadows surround you and you realize that virtually anything could be hiding in here with you.

(Red Aura) A white-gold statue of a snarling feline stands here.
Holy Symbol: a panther's claw
Long desc: A panther's claw lies here.

Look claw
A panther's claw, attached to a simple pin made of white gold.

Look statue
An image of a five-foot snarling panther stands here. Cast in white gold, and adorned only with two bright green emeralds for eyes, this statue seems to beg you to to try to get close enough to pet it.

Look North:
The Shrine of the Panther dominates this wall, with the white-gold statue at it's center.

Look East:
A large mural dominates this wall.

Look South:
A solid block of polished marble makes up the south wall.
Look West:
A large bookcase fills the wall, built over and around the door to the outside world.

Look Up:
The roof of the temple is lost in the shadows.

Look Down:
A closely trimmed lawn lines the floor of the temple. You wonder how anything could grow in this darkness.

Look mural:
This mural depicts a dark forest, standing partly in the shadows beside one of the trees you see a tall elf. What little you can see of his features makes you wonder if he isn't at least part feline...

Look bookcase:
Lying open on a shelf all it's own you see a small text titled "The Cult of the Panther".

Look text:
.Pixel T. Moondancer, a thief while mortal, is the high priest of the Cult of the Panther. This Cult stresses stealth and surprise above all things. Members of the Cult are forgiven by their priest for any kills or thefts they make so long as they are done skillfully and in such a manner that the object of their deeds is not ruined for future use by the Cult. The philosophy of this cult is best summed up by a quotation attributed to Pixel, "Bleed 'em for all you can, but never leave the mark anemic."