Phalanx of Blood

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Phalanx of Blood
Led By Gavin
Created 2001
Disbanded 9/15/02
Alignment Evil

Following Description / FINFO:

Gavin, leader of the Phalanx of Blood, Demipower of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Brief following description:
The Phalanx of Blood exists as a close-knit group of elite assassins.
Assassins of the Phalanx are encouraged, and expected to exhibit mastery in the art of player killing.
Demonstration of such skill in the deadly arts often results in rewards, both tangible and otherwise.

Join the Phalanx, or fear it. The choice is yours.


Tostig, Armicron, Fei, Blanca, Zmandforkso, Grimlock, Tiberius, Alyria, Morne, Fantasia, WarMachine, Zolair

Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes