PSYKILL's Temple

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You are standing in the grandest of all Hunting Lodges, for it is
the Lodge of the Golden Dragon. It is the oldest of all Lodges.
Its members have sworn to protect the followers of Good and the
innocent. And to do battle and defeat the forces of Evil. Behind
the altar is a large mantle with a picture hanging over it.
(Blue Aura) A simple gold altar stands in the room.

Look North
A tapestry showing Psykill's great battle with the giant Godzilla.

Look East
The skins of several dragons hang here. The biggest is that of the
red dragon from the sewers.

Look South
A huge dragon skull with a door carved into it.

Look West
A perfect crystal vase containing four roses: one white, one yellow,
one pink, one red.

Look UP ceiling
The rafters of the ceiling far above.

Look Down floor
The scales of a golden dragon make up the tiled floor.

Look Picture
Psykill's last battle where he attained level 30. Pictured is
Psykill battling the green dragon. Faint figures can almost be seen
in the background.

Holy Symbol: a gold dragonscale
Long Description: A gold dragonscale glimmers in the light.
Look Dragonscale: This dragonscale is given to those who worship Psykill.