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Led By Sirak
Alignment Evil

Following Description / FINFO:


  • First follower: Hellraiser.
Hel [      DemiGod      ] Sirak, Son of Lord Nash, Pope of Nashite <Inv 51>
Ogr [ Wa:19 ] (KILLER) Strad: The Executioner Of Nashite.
Elf [ Ma: 8 ] Raistlin the Dark Mage of Nashite
Hum [ Wa:14 ] Dilas the Nihilistic Nashite
Hum [ Ma:18 Wa:14 ] Syrinx, the Nashite Knight of Darkness
Aar [ Wa:11 Th:14 ] Sly the Dark Child of Nashite

(Taken from a log of Estrelle & Crowbar's wedding, date unknown)

Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes