Nalya's Temple

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This room has a certain feeling to it. It is very... Comfortable. It reminds you more of a study than a temple. It is not overly tidy yet neither is it messy; it appears to be well used, but not worn out. There are two over stuffed chairs facing the fire place on the western wall. Across the room from the fire place is a large desk.

(Blue Aura) An altar is set into the fireplace mantle.

Holy Symbol: a pair of pink bunny slippers
Long Desc: A pair of pink bunny slippers stand here.

Look slippers These Bunny Slippers were bestowed by Nalya symbolizing to all that the person they adorn is one who is dedicated to helping others, having fun, and encouraging the triumph of good.

Look altar
The altar is the mantle above the fireplace. It is very elegantly decorated with roses and candles. The candle flames flicker and dance throwing their shadows upon the roses, while they in turn give off their delicate scent.

Look North:
Heavy burgundy draperies hang over the stone wall to warm the room.

Look East:
At the far end of the room sits Nalya's desk. On the stone wall behind the desk hangs a large, colorful map of the World.

Look South:
Huge wooden book shelves reach from wall to wall, ceiling to floor, leaving room only for the door. A gliding ladder has been constructed so that the upper books may be reached. Nalya's book collection looks well used and loved. On the shelf closest to her desk, you notice the beginnings of two handwritten manuscripts entitled, "Rules", and "Paladins". A small sign hangs which reads, "You may read anything in the room you wish, but please do not take."

Look West:
A huge fireplace perfect for taking the bite off of a cold night is built into the stone wall. Above the fireplace is a mantle elegantly decorated with roses and candles.

Look Up:
The ceiling is rather high, allowing the book shelves to reach to enormous heights. The ceiling is crafted out of the same stone as the walls.

Look Down:
The polished mahogany floors give the room a classy touch, while the rug underneath the chairs in front of the fire creates a homey feel.

Look rule rules
The rules of this following are very simple. The first and most important rule is HAVE FUN! I encourage everyone to explore and make friends. If you wish to group, I encourage you to do so, however, I do ask you to be selective with who you group. As pacifist, I request that you do not group with PKers, whether evil or good. I also request that those who follow me, do not PK. I understand that there are special circumstances, which can be discussed with me. I also require my followers to help others as much as they can.

Look paladin paladins
In my journeys, I have come across many Paladins. I have been in awe at their power, generosity, and kindness. Unfortunately, I have also been disappointed in some of the uses of these attributes. It is for this reason, that I have decided not to pick a paladin based on his or her strength or skill. It is for this reason that a Paladin won't be appointed at the beginning of my time as an immortal. Instead, a Paladin will be chosen after I have come to know them as a person. I will appoint a paladin on the basis of their personal character, not brawn.

Look map
The map is exquisitely hand drawn with caricatures of the races and creatures residing in each area. This causes the map to be not only useful for finding locations, but it also gives an idea of the personality and temperament of the inhabitants. (Type HELP MAP to look at it more closely.)

Look desk
The desk is made from cedar wood. Its aroma sweetens the temple. It is piled high with books and has papers strewn about it. The owner doesn't appear to be the tidiest person in the world. However, on one clean, well cared for corner of the desk sit three picture frames.

Look pictures picture
These pictures, are obviously of Nalya's loved ones. (to look at the pictures, look picture1, picture2, etc.)

Look picture1
This captures Nalya and Syrinx on their Wedding Day. Nalya is a vision in ivory white with wildflowers entwined in her hair. Syrinx looks especially dapper in his tuxedo.

Look Picture2
This one is very old and looks like it has been carried though many battles. It shows Nalya and the friends she made while in Splat's following. Dynn, Znarx, Danl, Phaze, Jerald, and Tel are just a few of those that you recognize.

Look Picture3
This frame sets empty. You wonder what it is being saved for.... maybe her future paladin?

Look chairs chair
The chairs look extremely comfortable and inviting. Just the type you would want to sit down in and rest your feet after day's work.