Nalya's Office

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(Exits: none)
A large meadow surrounds you. A few bunnies playfully chase and tumble over each other, while two ferrets have found a patch of wildflowers in which to play Hide and Seek. The warble of a blue bird can be heard from the large weeping willow in front of you. In the shade of the tree, Nalya has placed a large desk and several chairs. The sky is cloudless and a cold northern gust blows.
Nalya is here.
(Blue Aura) A small white bunny stares inquisitively at you.

Look Bunny:
Kuta is quite small with lop-ears. His fur is snow white and looks incredibly soft. Sitting up on his back legs, he looks at you inquisitively. Kuta's small pink nose twitches as he sniffs the air.
Kuta is in perfect health.