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A mob special function gives a mobile additional functionality. It is specified in an area file in the #SPECIALS section, and has the following format:

M <mob vnum> <special function name> * Optional comment

For example, to give a Midgaard Cityguard of vnum 3067 the spec_guard mob function:

M 3067 spec_guard

FROM AWG - Need to integrate

This specfun gives a mob special powers or abilities. Of the specfun class called Specials, only one special per mob is allowed. These specfuns are placed together in the SPECIALS block.

The layout of a Mob Specfun is as follows:

A: This must be a M.

B: This is the mob's vnum.

C: This is the name of a mob specfun off the approved mob specfun list. It must be appropriate to the mob, i.e. only dragons should have a dragon class specfun such as spec_sleeping_dragon.

E: This usually would contain the mob's name.

List of Mob Functions