Mob Act Flags

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Action Flag Value Description
SENTINEL 2 Stays in one room
SCAVENGER 4 Picks up objects
PLANT 8 Mob is a Plant
AGGRESSIVE 32 Attacks PC's
STAY AREA 64 Won't leave area
WIMPY 128 Flees when hurt
TRAIN 512 Can train PC's
PRACTICE 1024 Can practice PC's
SUPER WIMPY 2048 Flees when hit
ASSIST SAME 4096 Will assist same type of creature
ASSIST 8192 Chance to assist all types
ASSIST ALWAYS 16384 Will always assist all types
SWIM 32768 Mob swims
WATERONLY 65536 Mob can only be in water
ANIMAL 262144 Mob is an animal
NO WEAR EQ 524288 Mob will not wear equipment (& no randoms)
NO CORPSE 1048576 Mob doesn't leave a corpse i.e. for ghosts
FIREPROOF 8388608 Mob aided not hurt by fire
INTELLIGENT 16777216 Animal/Plant can pray during hunt (*must be approved*)
CLOAKED 67108864 Mob cannot be interacted with from a distance (*must be approved*)
NO RANDOM EQ 134217728 Mob will not receive random equipment