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Official Information


Usage: MEMORIZE <object>

It is possible to memorize spells from certain magical items, such as
scrolls. Memorized spells are lost once they are cast. At first, only
items of lesser power can be memorized. Over time, as your experience
with memorizing a particular spell increases, it is possible to memorize
higher level spells. Note that it makes no difference if you already know
the spell by practicing it, since they are different disciplines.

Memorizing a spell expends mana. The amount of mana necessary to memorize
a spell depends on two factors. The first is the spell level of the item
you are memorizing it from. The second is whether the spell is more
powerful than most human mages can cast.

Higher level spells are more difficult to learn than lower level spells.
It might be possible to memorize a 1st level spell to 'expert', for
instance, but only be able to memorize the same spell to 'average' as a
15th level spell, or even not be able to memorize it at all.

In instances where you know a spell (permanently) and have it memorized,
the memorized spells are always cast first, and are cast at the level of
the item you memorized it from. For this reason, you may wish to think
about whether to memorize a spell you already know. They also expend mana
upon casting them, exactly like any other spell. If it is a first level
spell, for instance, you will cast it as a first level spell including
first level mana loss for casting.

You can memorize a given spell multiple times. Every time a memorized
spell is cast, it vanishes from memory. Once you no longer have any
instances of the spell memorized, you will no longer be able to cast it,
unless you (permanently) know the spell.