JohnPaul's Temple

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You are in the center of the nave. Have a seat in a pew while you look at the beautiful temple all around you. Besides the pew and an altar, you notice a pulpit in the front and a plaque nearby.
(Blue Aura) An altar of fine marble is here.

Holy Symbol: (Blue Aura) a medallion of Holy Virtue
Long Description: A medallion showing a white trail through a field of green.
Look Medallion:
On one side, a white trail through a field of green.
On the other, a sky of dark blue filled with lightning.

Look Altar:
The altar seems to rise up out of the floor, as it is made from the same fine marble. A fine likeness of Gators, Paladin of Holy Virtue, has been carved into the front.

Look North:
You see a wall filled with stained glass. The scenes tell the story of the biggest event in JohnPaul's mortal life, the day he was accepted into the LIGHT as a cleric Mortician.

Look East:
You see the pulpit from which JohnPaul gives his fiery sermons on Holy Virtue and how to walk the Path. Behind that is a huge statue of Mort. On the far wall are the names of Splat and Cerebus, the first to immort from the Path of Holy Virtue.

Look South:
You see a wall filled with stained glass. The scenes show the many deaths and other travails which JohnPaul overcame during his mortal life. One in particular shows his many deaths by the sword of the mayor of Midgaard.

Look West:
You see a mural around the doorway. The scenes show the birth of JohnPaul. Through the doorway is the street you entered from.

Look UP:
You see a beautiful fresco painting. The scenes tell the story of the end of JohnPaul's life as a mortal. The main sequence shows him being hunted and killed by the executioner. The last scene shows IvoryTiger giving him godhood.

Look Down:
You see a beautiful marble floor, removed from a quarry near Mount Aire.

Look pulpit:
A simple fine silk drapes a wooden pulpit. The edges of the top seem well worn. Perhaps your contributions will go toward a replacement?

Look Pew:
This pew is made of the finest wood from the forests of Haon Dor, no doubt from trees felled by John the Lumberjack. It is marked "Gift of Pookie."

Look plaque:
These are the guidelines one must remember while following the Path.
Rule 1: You shall follow the Path of Virtue. It leads to the truth.
Rule 2: Help Good whenever possible.
Rule 3: You shall not help Evil under any circumstance.
Rule 4: You shall learn the ways of Evil in order to defeat them.
Rule 5: You shall try to convert the whole world to the way of Virtue.
Rule 6: There is *no* rule 6.
Rule 7: An eye for an eye.
Rule 8: Have fun!

  • Data taken from a temple zone are file dated 09/25/1995.