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You have entered the temple of those who worship the stars. There is peace here from the chaotic world outside and a feeling of home. The space is fairly large with tall white columns in each corner. Above you the ceiling has been enchanted to display an image of the night sky no matter the time of day or night. Strands of the light from the stars gently caress all who enter here making the room seem brighter with every new occupant. A gentle glow of dark blue light encircles a cushioned armchair placed near the pack of the room and the remainder of the space is open for any soft of fun gathering. (Blue Aura) A simple altar of white marble stands in the middle of the room.

Look altar marble
It stands about waist high and is very square. A note has been placed on top.

Look note
Welcome! If you are new please be sure to look at: requirements, rules, aura and guidelines. They should answer most questions. Otherwise feel free to look around, visit and have a little dance if there is time.

HOLY SYMBOL: <worn with pride> (Blue Aura) (Token magic) (Glowing) a handful of stardust

Look stardust
A comforting light escapes from between your fingers, looking at your hands you see a rainbow of glittering dust resting in you palms.

Look North:
A heavy oak door is set into the wall to the north. A row of five wooden chairs is beside the door for newcomers to rest in. Several paintings have been placed on the wall.

Look East:
A grand bookshelf covers this wall from end to end. It is stuffed to overflowing with books, maps, rolled parchments old unused scrolls and empty potion decanters. A very large and well-used book seems to stick out a little, as if it was used recently and not replaced properly.

Look South:
A huge fireplace has been set into the wall. It reaches far above and out to each side. It is big enough to let even a giant stand up straight inside. The armchair has been placed in front of it and several other pillows are scattered around. A distinctive fur rug seems to have a place of honor on the floor here.

Look West:
The light seems a little dimmer in this direction. It is here that most of the space is open for moving about. It is room for friends to gather, talk, practice spells and even a little dancing.

Look Up:
Velvety black stretches above you filled with millions of points of light. These bright stars are in all sizes and seem to give you strength as their light touches you.

Look Down:
The floor is made of a heavily veined white marble. It has been polished to such a high shine you can see your face reflected in it.

Look column columns
Tall whiteness stretches high up, supporting the ceiling. They're made of marble like the floor but have been inset with jewels of some sort that reflect back the light and twinkle like the stars.

Look requirements parchment
There is neither quest for entrance nor any level requirement. All that is required is an interview, a free and independent spirit with a desire for fun and a tendency to good deeds. There are a few general rules (l rules) and beyond that only your good sense and a few guidelines (l guidelines) will lead your actions. I do expect you to wear the blue aura with pride.

Look rules
1. Obey the laws of the realm in both action and spirit. 2. Have fun! It is only a game.

Look guidelines
1. Keep your word to any other good person. 2. Never attack or kill an unarmed foe. 3. Never kill for pleasure. 4. Never torture for pleasure or information. Threats may be permissible. 5. Never harm any innocent. 6. Lies are only permissible to evil people and sometimes neutral. 7. Always try to help others. 8. Never take dirty money or items. 9. Never betray a friend.

Look book
This is an ancient and well-used book. You open the book to the first page and see:

The Laws of Cerebus 1. Seek inner peace through an understanding of Justice. 2. No grouping with Evil players 3. Player killing is only allowed in retaliation to injustice. 4. Help followers of Justice, and Good in general. 5. Have fun!

Tucked into the back of the book is an old flattened scroll.

Look scroll flattened
You unroll the scroll taken from the ancient book and see the title "The Guidelines to Walking the Path of Virtue"

1. You shall follow the path of Virtue. It will lead you to the Truth. 2. Help Good whenever possible. 3. You shall not help Evil under any circumstances. 4. You shall learn the ways of evil in order to defeat them. 5. You shall try to convert the while Mud to the ways of Virtue. 6. There is *no* rule 6. 7. An eye for an eye. 8. Have fun!

Look aura 'dark blue'
There are all types of 'good' to be, finding your own way is most important. People are not perfect, very few are good all the time. There will always be an occasional failing and weakness. A good person, however, worries about any errors they've made and will try ot correct any damage done.

Look armchair chair
This armchair is large enough for at least two people sitting close and is padded with lots of fluffy pillows. The material covering it is a greenish colour and very soft. A handsomely decorated blanket is casually tossed across one arm of the chair.

Look blanket
This blanket, an intricately hand-woven product of an Elven handywoman, is a personalized wool rectangle showing a small aardvark walking the Path of Virtue on the long edge.

Look stars
The stars shine brightly inside the inky bleakness of the darkness surrounding them. They shine not with the peaceful and warming light of the sun but with a chaotic light that bounces every which way before finally coming to rest on your upturned face.

Look rug
This fine rug of fox hide has been placed before the fireplace, its fur almost seeming to glisten with tiny bright points of light. Must have been a starfox.

Look paintings
One is a pretty view of the twilight as seen from the top of the lighthouse in Safehaven, looking out over the Maelmordian Seas and the other is the image of a swirling grey vortex atop the Great Tree of Loth Llorien. There are several other landscapes showing fields and flowers.