High Tower of Sorcery

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High Tower of Sorcery
Type Standard EXP Zone
Author Anon
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

Notes by unknown author, provided by Tranquility

Very nice zone to xp for several levels. Just watch the pentagram room (#14) cause you might end up somewhere you don't like. If you want out you can either quaff or just walk up to Mystra and take the secret way out to mg.

Mobs: Young mage, Young apprentice, students, spell teacher, instructor of magic, aged wizard, disembodied hands (aggro, can't see invis), disembodied eyes(aggro, see imp inv), Strick, Tatorious, Ezmeralda, cook assistant, Jailor, Prisoner, Battle Mistress, kitten, calico cat, white cat, black cat, Golem maker, Cloth golem, Flesh Golem, Adamantite Golem, Bronze golem, Master Enchanter, Master Summoner, Master Spellbinder, Scribe, Wooden Golem, necromancer, undead giant, undead skeleton, Mad Alchemist, ugly witch, librarian, Shadow Guardian (also in the grove), Edgar the Horrible (also runs around in the grove), Master of Neutrality, Master of good deeds, Master of Vile deeds and Mystra mistress of magic.

1 = Tatorious magic shop is here. He seems not to sell anything
2 = You can go down here into the cellars here.
3 = Strick is here he sells waybread and a brew which is poisonous.
4 = There's a locked door to the north. The door is pickable and you can go through with pass door.
5 = You can go up here to the hallway.
6 = The instructor of magic is here he's aggro.
7 = You can go down into the pool here but you end up in 8
8 = Noexit room
9 = Spell teacher is here he's aggro
10 = Battle mistress is here she's aggro and spells
11 = Wooden golem's protect the stairs to next level. They are aggro.
12 = Disembodied eyes are here they are aggro
13 = The master enchanter is here. He's aggro
14 = This room changes exits. If you look exits you can see where you go. There's an exit to troll workshop which is near MG but with agro troll. There's an exit to the rockdragon mean beastie if you're smaller. There's an exit to a small stream which puts you next to Kappa, he is aggro but can't see invis.
15 = Guardians chamber full with disembodied hands and eyes. Eyes are aggro
16 = The master charmer is here. He's aggro
17 = The stairs up to 3rd level(2nd picture). Wooden golems stand here and are aggro. Connects to 18
18 = Connect to 17.
19 = The golem maker is here. He is aggro and spells.
20 = Aggro undead giants and aggro animated skeletons
21 = Aggro wooden golems and stairs to next level
22 = In the library. All exits go to this room except the direction you came from.
23 = Ugly witches are here they are aggro and spell.
24 = The stairs lead up here.
25 = The landing is here. You can go up to 26 or down to 24.
26 = You can go down to 25.
27 = The master apprentice is here. He's aggro.
28 = The master of neutrality is here.
29 = A white robed monk is here. He's aggro and spells
30 = The master of goodness is here.
31 = A black robed apprentice is here. He's aggro.
32 = The master of the black robes is here.
33 = The grand mistress of magic is here.
34 = You're at the passage. You can't go back now. If you follow the road you end up in mg temple.

Player Provided Information


Map Author Unknown: Floor 1 - 3
Map Author Unknown: Floor 4 - 5
Map Author Unknown: Floor 6