Equip Reset

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This reset loads an object on a mob. This reset must be preceded by a mob reset, an equip reset, or a give reset.


A: This must be a E.

B: This is a 1 or a 0. 1 signifies that the MUD should run this reset every reset cycle, a 0 signifies that the MUD should run this reset only if the area is deserted. In theory anyhow. Merc tends to ignore the setting and resets according to its own built in methods. Use the specs, though, when writing the resets - it makes them easier for me to debug.

C: This is the vnum of the object to load.

D: This is the TOTAL number of this object type allowed in THE GAME. Object type is defined as "unique object vnum" for our purposes. If this type of object totals more than or equal to the number, none will load. If there is less, one will load.

E: This is the wear location on the mob that the MUD will load the object to. The list of wear locations is in the flags list.

F: Commonly, this comment would say the object's name.