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NPC, mob, mobile, creature, monster: These are used somewhat interchangeably to identify a character in the game which is being run by the MUD and not by a player. In this work, mob is the normal term used.

combined value: This is the summing of discrete flag values into a single number. For instance, if you want the flag values of 1, 8, and 256, you enter them as a combined value. This is done in two different ways, whichever the author chooses. The first is to just add them together. 1+8+256 which is 265. You would then enter 265 in the field. The second method is called "or'ing the values". You would enter each number in the field and separate them with the "|" character. In this case, 1|8|256 would be entered in the field. Sirak's Muditor always sums the values. If for some reason you are manually editing the values, please use the or format for clarity and ease of future manual editing.

specfun, special function: This is a piece of C program code which a mob, door, or room is "attached" to, giving it additional properties to spice up the game. When we speak of NEW CODE, we are talking about these functions and are discussing the request for a new specfun to be written specifically for your area.

vnum: This has 2 meanings. First, it is the number assigned to your area. But, when talking about a specific area component (a mob, room, or object), it is the specific number assigned to that room. Both are referring to the unique identifier assigned to something so that both the MUD and the gods can keep track of things.