Courtyard of the Hawk's Spirit

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This simple yet elegant garden courtyard sits within the light haze of a
passing cloud. Taking in a deep breath of the chilled air, your eyes open wide
as you realize that this place has been built upon a mountain summit.
Perched upon an altar, a large hawk eyes your every move.

Holy Symbol: (Iridescent) A pure white feather
Long Desc: Soft to the touch, this feather symbolises that evil cannot touch

Making your way around the strange portal, you gaze outwards, scanning the
beautiful snow capped alpine mountains. A very faint demonic-like cry catches
your ears. Seemingly coming from a certain part of the rangers that oddly
enough, resembles a hawk. To the side of that mountain, it changes to some
sharp cliffs. Huge gates of what appears to be a large keep towers over the
icy wastelands that fills the land between you and it.

Look EAST:
Directly below, you see a city built within the mountain. The larger stone
buildings in the center are surrouned by cosy looking cottages. Judging by the
distance to the city, those buildings must be huge! Looking further down the
mountain, it tapers off to a large blanket of open grass, edged by a light
forest to the south and a much darker forest to the north. The grass plains
continue until it hits a rocky outcrop, that then drops into a gorge in the
land. Oddly it seems to be shaped simmilar the the end of a pick or a
tooth. Then just past that, sneaking into view way in the distance, is a lonely

The first thing that grabs your attention is the massive coastline view
stretching as far as you can see. The crystal blue water hugs the beach, then
phasing to a darker hue as it continues out to sea. A river running from the
mouth meanders northward, dividing what appears to be an old ruined city to
one side and a large golden desert to the other. Following this river further
it ends as it hits a massive man-made city. With busy streets and huge city
walls, this would one of the biggest cities in the realm, and one of the most
dangerous too.

Look WEST:
Looking below you in this direction, past a smaller mountain thats emitting
smoke for some strange reason, you see a very long and straight road, running
northwards to the snow capped mountains and southwards to the nice warm
beaches. On the otherside of the road, lies a massive, yet beautiful emerald
green forest. The foilage thick everywhere except a small clearing where a
camp of a few tents has been set up. Not too far away from the clearing,
little tree houses pop out from the canopy, linked together with rope bridges
with figures moving back and forth on them. A bit more west of the forest
changes its colour to a very dark green, nearly appearing black. You seem to
wonder what lies beyond such an unfriendly place.

Look UP:
The bright warm sun in the open blue sky cuts throught the chilled air.
If this mountain was any higher, you could touch the stars.

Look DOWN:
Looking down over the courtyard wall, it chills you to the bone upon realising
how high you really are. Looking down the steep mountain side, you can just
make out goblin-like creatures with mining tools milling about.

This strange blue hued portal must of been how you have gotten here.

The garden is has some of the most beautiful coloured flowers and plants to
have ever been created. Small statues are placed all around the garden at
periodic places around the garden.

There are four statue all made from different materials.
One is made of brimstone, one from wood, one from a clear crystal and the
last one of a light sapphire.

This statue of brimstone seems to radiate a nasty heat, preventing you from
getting too close, even the surrounding portion of garden seems to avoid
growning anywhere near it. The statue is one of Pyros the god of fire.

Look WOOD:
This statue seems to be much smaller then the rest, made of finely crafted
wood of intricate detail.. of a really small ogre more akin to halfling size.
Odd thing about this statue it is as if the wood is translucent. It is a
statue of Lord Okk. aint he cute!

This sunlight reflects through this statue, causing prismatic rainbow colours
around it. The effect gives you a tranquil feeling, as this statue of the
great goddess, Tamar, brings a smile to your face.

This is a statue of simple human girl, dressed in simple shamanic robes.
Standing there with nothing but a smile on her face, this girl has one of the
most kindest and beautiful faces you have ever seen. She doesnt look like an
immortal like the other statues, yet she seems to have the heart of one. A
small inscription is etched into the base of the statue.

you are my heart, my soul and my Goddess forever.
I've yet to find anyone kinder, gentler, unselfish
and most of all as beautiful as you. You are an
example to all in this realm.
Yours forever my true love,

Look HAWK:
As you stare into these dark blue eyes of this magnificent animal, your
peripheral vision fades. Words thump through your head...

The large hawk tells you (in old-common), 'Evil has risen in power and numbers
over the last few centuries, nearly engulfing this world completely.'

'Lord Whitehawk is looking for those with the heart and integrity to stand up
to this evil anyway they choose.'

'His rules are written within this book, please feel free to have a look.'

With that the hawk moves over to reveal a large plain covered brown book.

Look BOOK:
- Never attack those who follow a Good god.
- Use your judgement for Neutrals and Agnostics
- No restrictions for Evil followers.
- After every kill you must pray to your victim aloud or to them privately.