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Official Information


       config +<option>
       config -<option>

This command configures some of your character's behavior. With no options,
CONFIG shows you your current settings. With a plus or minus sign and an
option, CONFIG turns that option on or off.

The options are:

   AUTOEXIT    You automatically see exits.
   AUTOGOLD    You automatically get only gold (COINS AND ITEMS) from corpses.
   AUTOLOOT    You automatically loot corpses.
   AUTOSAC     You automatically sacrifice corpses.
   AUTOSPLIT   You automatically split gold with group members.
   BLANK       You have a blank line before your prompt.
   BRIEF       You see brief descriptions only.
   COMBINE     You see object lists in combined format.
   ITEMPROP    Properties of items in containers are shown.
   PAGING      You have the paginator on or off. (see PAGING and PAGELENGTH)
   PROMPT      You have a prompt.
   TELNETGA    You receive a telnet GA sequence.
   GLOBALCANT  Toggles whether 'cant <number>' is treated as the cant level
               or as text.  Default: <number> is cant level, globalcant off.
   EXACT       Sets whether mob and PC name abbreviation is turned on or off.