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Official Information


        cmdlog <Character1> <Character2> <Character3>
        commlog <Character1> <Character2> <Character3>

Always include yourself as one of the character names. Do the request for a
cmdlog/commlog at one time with all parties involved or suspected of being
involved. Going thru multiple logs takes a lot of time and can be avoided
if the log gets everyone at once.

These commands are used to dump logs of recent commands or communications
from player characters so that they can be reviewed by a god+. This is the
preferable method to providing your own log, which is not acceptable for
several reasons.

A cmdlog logs ALL commands given to the mud by the named characters in the
past period of time (Approx.. 1 hour). A commlog logs only communication
commands, such as say, tell, and other uses of channels. If you make a
cmdlog, it will include everything a commlog includes and more. Please
do not make both.

Note that the logs apply only to things that have already happened, not
to anything that happens after you create the log.

After making the log(s), post a NOTE to God explaining what you logged and
why. The log will not be seen unless we are told that you have made one.

These commands are a privilege. Do not abuse them. Making bogus logs wastes
disk space and is bound to anger the implementors.

These commands are only usable by a 20+. If you are less than that level, but
need a log made, ask an immortal first before asking a mortal.

Player-Supplied Information