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Official Information

collect - Lists available channels and status
collect channel all - Turn on all message collection
collect channel none - Turn off all message collection
collect channel <name> - Collect messages for specified channel
collect get <channel> - Gets a single message from a channel
collect get <channel> all - Shows all messages from specified channel
collect get <channel> <char> - Shows messages from a given channel and character

This command allows you to 'collect' messages sent to a given channel.
This can be done on a channel by channel basis. This may be useful if
you have to suddenly go AFK and want to find out what happened on a
particular channel.

If you are collecting tells, the sender is notified that you are
collecting tells, presumably because you may not immediately be
available. Otherwise, no message is displayed to the sender.

Once you 'get' a message, it is gone. Unread messages from a given
collected channel are removed if not read within a certain amount of

Please note that 'collect get <channel> <char>' will not always work for
every channel. This is because it is not always convenient to note who
the sender was.