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Official Information

Syntax: class <classname>

This command allows a character to choose a second or third class to treat as
their main class, allowing them to select skills (and spells, if applicable)
of the new class. The penalty is that it confines the character to any armor,
weapon, and other restrictions of the new class, in addition to previously
chosen classes. Multi-classing also affects experience earned,benefits gained
per level, spell and skill performance, etc. A character must be of at least
9th level in his/her current class in order to multi-class. Some classes are
restricted and cannot multi-class (see help on the individual classes).

Characters so able may multi-class in up to three separate classes, one
warrior class (WARRIOR, RANGER), one thief class (THIEF, THUG), and one
magic using class (MAGE, SHAMAN, CLERIC). All classes may not be
implemented at this time. You may switch between classes already chosen.
In all cases, you must seek out Jack and/or Jill in order to conduct the
necessary transaction. It should be noted that the change is not free,
or even cheap. Consult with an experienced multi-classer before deciding
that multi-classing is for you.

To see how your level is calculated when dual or triple classed read the

NOTE: Once you have chosen to multi-class, do not petition to get a class
totally removed. In short, there is no "class back guarantee" to revert to
your prior status. Once you have added a class it is permanent.

Player-Supplied Information