Black Shrine

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Black Shrine
Type Evil only (30-50)
Author Ath
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

Player Provided Information

In November 2013, I traveled to the Black Shrine with Cresom and Korran. This was probably a bigger group than was entirely necessary. My task was to map and document the zone as clearly as possible. This is the results of that mission. Samiyah (talk) 08:19, 19 February 2014 (MST)

Directions: Go to Midgaard and obtain the key from the Sextant in the Park Cafe. Go to Midgaard Graveyard; you will need the key for the second door. From the second gate in the graveyard (the one that is locked and requires a key and cannot be picked), go SESS / ope E / E S S / Open S / S to the Chapel. The Evil Shrine is to the east. Neutral is to the South. Good is to the West.

Stated Level: 30-50. Taking more than one level 50 makes this zone much more easily traversed.

Actual Level: 40-50

Aggressive Mobs? : All mobs in the zone are Evil and Aggressive

Arch Mobs?: There are no Arch Mobs

Shoppies: There are no shopkeepers

Limited Equipment:

  • Blade of Furor (Dark Lord): Evil/Inventory/Anti-Good/Anti-Neutral: 1-9 +10 HP, +1 Dex
  • Amulet of Light (Dark Lord): Good/Anti-Evil/Anti-Neutral: AC 6 +10 HP, +10 Mana
  • Amulet of Turmoil (Dark Lord): Evil/Anti-Good/Anti-Neutral: Ac 2, +10 HP, +10 Mana, +20 UNKNOWN
  • Ring of Pandemonium (Shadow Giant): Evil/Anti-Good/Anti-Neutral: AC 2, +3 hit, -1 Wis, -1 int
  • Sword of Darkness (Assassins): Evil/Anti-Good/Anti-Neutral: 3-8


  • The Dark Lord
  • the skulk
  • an assassin
  • a shadow giant

No Exits / Traps: There are 10 no exit rooms "Lost in the Shadows". One on level 1, 4 on level 2, 4 on level 3

Lockable Rooms?: There are no lockable rooms that have no other exit.

Locked Doors?: The door to the second level is locked.

Keys to Doors?: The key is to the second floor is found on the Shadow Giant: "A skull topped key"

Safe Rooms: There are no safe rooms.


Map of Midgaard Valley by Soloban

The Black Shrine is accessible from the Midgaard Graveyard chapel.