Assilem's Temple

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The Temple of Assilem
You see that all the walls, ceiling and floor are made of white marble.
In the center of the temple, there lies a large wooden desk with very
comfortable looking chair. There's an open book setting on top of the
desk. It reads "What is Honor?"

You see the image of Assilem standing with a shining Staff of Honor in
one hand and Book of Virtue on the other. The staff seems to radiate and
pierce your soul. How can that be? It's only an image.. Or is it? The Book
of Virtue, created by none other than JohnPaul. Assilem has persevered
and defended the principle of Holy Virtue. Hence he believes that one
cannot truly be a worthy of existence without an Honor.

Look EAST:
An Image of JohnPaul stands before a kneeling figure of Assilem. Along
with him, another figure stands near, Cerebus when he was a mortal! It
has been said that Assilem has learned the ways of TFC by wise guidance of
JohnPaul and streetwise knowledge TFC from Cerebus.

You see the door you came in from. The wall depict warriors standing
guard at the entrance. It appears that they wear Medallion of Honor with

Look WEST:
If one is familiar with middle ages of TFC, you will recognize the
events and faces depicted here on the wall of honor.

Look UP:
Let there be HONOR!

It seems that there seems to be many phrase in various languages. One can
only assume that they all say the same thing.

Look DOWN:
The walls, ceiling and floor are all made of white marble. It feels so
peaceful and tranquil. One can truly obtain his/her inner peace here.
In the middle of the room, there stands a grand black marble desk. You here
funny noises coming from it. As you approach it you are stopped few
feet short. There seems to be an invisible wall here. But you can see
that there are several glass windows built into it. You can almost see
the aerial view of TFC and various locations. It appears that gods does
see everything! Before the desk, lies a simple unadorned but large altar.

Look ceremony ceremonies:
Joining of 2 soul mates: This is one of the highest Honor and pleasure that I can perform.
Restriction is that honor bound followers cannot marry with those of Evil. Marriage to neutral is approved on
case by case situation.

To become Honor Bound:
You shall have built a respectable name first.
I cannot and will not deal with those of questionable reputations.
One must not be previous followers of good or evil.
(If an immortal of good retires, those followers are an exception)
You shall be given a quest to complete.

To be denounced of Honor bound:
Penalty will vary with situation