Agape's Temple

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Agape's Temple
In this crystal temple you see little in the way of decoration. You notice a brilliant light that seems almost to reach your innermost soul and thoughts. You are in awe at it's apparent size, for it looked much smaller from the outside. Lining the west wall are thousands of books and small, seemingly useless objects. A great power radiates from that wall, if you could reach the shelves, you could probably learn a great deal by reading but one of those books. In the center of the room is a large blue steel altar with delicate looking, crystal book on it. Etched into it are the words, "The Great Book of Knowledge". For you have stumbled upon the Temple of Agape.

Look North:
The North wall has many inscriptions inlaid with pulverized sapphires. Many of the words are beyond your comprehension. Some ancient tongue, perhaps?

Look East:
A large crystal door with blue steel hinges is set into a finely etched wall of Crystal.

Look South:
You see a large diamond pillar, upon which are inscribed the many adventures that Agape experienced as a mortal.

Look West:
The west wall is a large crystal library, with thousands of books, and numerous magical objects of seemingly great power. You can almost feel the energy.

Look Up:
The ceiling is brightly illuminated by strange, glowing crystals.

Look Down:
The floor is made of blue crystal bricks, glowing with the power of Good.

  • Taken from a temple zone are. file dated 09/25/05.