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ZMUD Tools/Tips/Macros

"Panic/Escape" Macro

  • Create a new macro, assign a button. (IE:F12)
  • Enter in commands:
  • flee;take recall bag;quaf recall
  • (if you have them in a bag; it's best to keep two in inv)
  • Then click save macro

Auto Logging

There is a system alias called "atconnect" for the value of the alias use the following:
#log {%char %time( mmm dd yy)}
What the above line does is on connection to the mud server it will start a log in the zMud folder using the character name and date.

MUSHCLIENT Tips/Tools/Macros


  • Installation
    • If on Windows, do not install to the Program Files folder. That is a read-only directory and will give you errors when trying to save your world (triggers/aliases/etc..)
  • Command Stacking
    • Used to being able to send multiple commands by separating them with a semicolon? This can be enabled by going to Game/Configure/Commands... and if you like using the semicolon as a shortcut for group chat, you can pick something else for it to use.
  • Command Repeating
    • Send a command without it blanking out. This can be enabled by going to Game/Configure/Commands... and ticking Auto-repeat command.


  • Plugins
    • Door opener/unlocker
      [ download ]
      • Simple script to automatically open doors for you and if locked, tries unlocking them.
      • Note: It will only try opening doors if you walk into them.

    • MSDP Sidebar v2.6 (Pre-release)
      [ download Click the down arrow at the top center to download ]
      • GUI Sidebar using MSDP data for live updates.
      • This is a half-update! So you will see two setting menus, the old one, simply called settings, and the new one, called new settings. The compass, star logger, and report an issue I have yet to put functionality to in the new settings menu, but you can still use the old settings menu to change options in them. The new interactive settings menu is experimental as it was built from scratch and currently incomplete, which means it has not been optimized at all, so parts of it may be laggy. The color theme for all the buttons, the line dividers, and border on the sidebar, can all be changed by changing the Side Border Color in the Sidebar Background Settings. In the next half of the update, there will be a proper way to set those. Also another little hidden feature is if you set both side border colors black, it will make it transparent. Again, there will be a proper way to do that in the next half of the update.
      • Features: Know exactly how many ticks some affected by spells last. See your equipment stats totaled up. Graphical exits compass. Chat window. See where doors are without having to look. Live Health/Mana/Move/Enemy bars. Use your own Avatar and Background image or solid color. Built-in plugin updater (recently rebuilt). Custom logger that lets you remove your prompts from the logs and much more!
        • Just in case you wish to uninstall one day, make a backup of the Lua51 dlls (just copy/paste).
        • Extract MSDP-Sidebar into your main Mushclient folder. It will need to overwrite the Lua51 dll and merge a folder.
        • Open up your world file or create a new one.
        • Add the plugin TFC_Msdp_Sidebar.xml (File/Plugins.../Add...) MUSHclient/Generic/worlds/plugins/TFC_Msdp_Sidebar.xml
        • Save the world file so the plugin loads every time you play. (File/Save World Details) If this is on a clean install, you will need to create or select a State folder when saving. For convenience, I have made one within the plugins folder that you can select.
        • Close the world and reopen.
        • You're done!
      • To uninstall: Remove or disable the plugin. Save the World Details, then close the world and reopen. If you wish to fully uninstall, delete the Generic folder.
      • Version Notes: Pre-release. Not all spell icons have been created, so some use a generic one. You can still see what spell it is by hovering your mouse over the icon.
      • Commands:
        • adjust windows - Re-adjusts all the windows if you happened to resize something within the client. If either the chat window or prompt bars don't align, simply close and open them back up, they will automatically adjust.
        • star logger rec - shortcut to start/stop logging
        • star logger set folder - shortcut to set a folder to place logs in
        • star logger set filename - shortcut to set a custom file name for logs
        • star logger prev lines - shortcut to toggle logging all previous lines before starting to log
        • star logger open folder - shortcut to open your current set logs folder and if none set, opens the default location
      • MushClient 4.52+ Recommended

    • MSDP Prompt Bars v1.1
      [ download ]
      • Want just the live bars, but without the GUI? Here it is!
      • Draggable Live Health/Mana/Move/Enemy bars from the MSDP GUI.
      • Bars now remember where you place them.
      • MushClient 4.52+ Recommended

Atlantis Tip Tools/Tips/Macros


Atlantis allows you to filter the incoming lines and redirect it to a separate window or a "Spawn". Disable the "Show new activity" option on all but the main spawn.

  • Ftell Channel: In the address book create a spawn called 'ftell' and add the following patterns. This will route all the ftells to a separate window. Set the maximum lines to 100:
    • Contains : ftells
    • Begins with: You ftell
  • Who output: In the address box create a spawn call 'who' and add the following patterns. This will route the output of the 'who' command to a separate window. Set the maximum lines to 100:
    • Matches regexp: ^(...) \[ (.+) \](.+)
    • Matches regexp: ^(..) players.
    • Matches regexp: ^(.) player.
  • Public Channels: In the address box create a spawn call 'who' and add the following patterns. This will route the output of the 'who' command to a separate window. Set the maximum lines to 100:
    • Contains: gossips
    • begins with: You gossip
    • begins with: You auction