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Official Information


       SUBMIT <item>

A scavenger hunt is a quest to find and submit items on a scavenger hunt
list. There is an individual (solo) version of the quest, and a game-
wide version.

SCAVENGER LIST shows a list of items that may be submitted for points.
Once a player submits an item on their list, that item will be taken off
their list. The list is also randomized each time the list is viewed.
It is done this way since there are often more items being sought than
what can appear in a single list.

SCAVENGER SCORE shows your current ranking among the contestents that
have submitted items, along with your current score. Each submitted
item is worth 4 points. One gets an additional point for being the
first to submit a given item. 3 additional points are rewarded if you
are the ONLY person to submit a given item. Thus, each submitted item
provides 4, 5 or 8 points. This also means that you can lose points,
since you may initially be awarded 8 points for an item that had not
previously been submitted, but once someone else submits that item, you
lose the 3 point "only submission" bonus.

SUBMIT will attempt to submit an item to satisfy an item on the
scavenger list. Multiple items will be accepted for submission;
however, only the first submission will give points. The submitted item
must EXACTLY match the list.

SCAVENGER SOLOSTART will start an individual scavenger hunt.

SCAVENGER STANDINGS show scavenger hunt statistics.