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Syntax: quaff <potion>

QUAFF consumes a potion in your inventory, unleashing its magical effects (both good and bad) on you and you alone. At lower levels, only the good effects of a potion are executed.

Potions come in two types - Limited and Random. Limited potions have effects not informed by their description. Some exist as clever ways to fool the unsuspecting into using the wrong potion in their inventory.

To quickly get random potions, use the merchants. Buy a potion, if it isn't what you want sac it, and buy another. If a potion is random, the effect can be determined by the color descriptions per the list below:
Note: '3.x' denotes that it is a spell for that color if that is a remaining version 3 potion.

Potions By Color

Potion Color Spell 1 Spell 2 Spell 3
Azure Cure Blindness **** ****
Black Jump Necroport Confusion
Blood red Teleport Dispel Magic ****
Blue Waterbreath Weaken 3.x ****
Bright White Cure Blindness **** ****
Brown Protection Good **** ****
Bubbling Cure Poison **** ****
Burgundy Weasel totem **** ****
Charcoal Detect Magic Blindness Unicorn Totem
Chrome Armor Fear Boar Totem
Clear Pass Door **** ****
Clear Red Recall **** ****
Frosty Orange Fly **** ****
Glittering Jump **** ****
Glowing Remove Curse Strength Spell Owl Totem
Gold Poison Detect Good Stone Skin
Green Detect Hidden Cloak of protection Refresh 3.x
Grayish Fly Stone Skin ****
Grey Stone Skin 3.x **** ****
Greyish Refresh Sanctuary ****
Indigo Cause Critical **** ****
Magenta Sanity Cause Disease ****
Mauve Weaken **** ****
Misty Shield **** ****
Orange Cure Poison **** ****
Platinum Bless Blindness ****
Pink Protection Evil **** ****
Purple Cure Critical Harm ****
Red Infravision Cure Light Word of Recall
Silver Detect Evil **** ****
Sparkling Immunity Absorb Shield
Teal Detect Invis Curse ****
Turquoise Cure Mute Unfetter ****
White Invis Deafness ****
Yellow Heal Sleep ****

Potions by Spell

Potion Spell Color
Armor chrome
Absorb sparkling
Bless platinum
Blindness charcoal
Cloak of protection green
Cure Blindness bright white
Cure Critical purple
Cure Light red
Cure Poison orange
Cure Mute turquoise
Curse teal
Detect Evil silver
Detect Good gold
Detect Hidden green
Detect Invis teal
Detect Magic charcoal
Dispel Magic blood red
Fly frosty orange
Harm purple
Heal yellow
Infravision red
Invis white
Pass Door clear
Poison gold
Protection Evil pink
Protection Good brown
Refresh greyish
Remove Curse glowing
Sanctuary greyish
Sanity magenta
Sleep yellow
Stone Skin gold
Strength Spell glowing
Teleport blood red
Waterbreath blue
Weaken mauve
Word of Recall red