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Adding content to this wiki is easier than PK on the mud! ;) It's designed to be a collaborative effort by all participants, no matter their skill or experience level.

Here's some helpful pages on how to create specific kinds of wiki entries:

Probably the simplest way to learn about building wiki pages is to simply click the EDIT button at the top of any page, and look at how it's formatted. There are some basic things to know:

  • The way to end a line of text is by adding a "Break". This is represented by the letters BR in brackets "<>" so that it looks like this: <BR>. If you were to edit this page, you would see the phrase "nowiki" in brackets to either side of the example. This turns wiki formatting on and off.
  • Creating bullet points is as simple as starting a line with an asterisk: "*" To indent, use two asterisks: "**"
    • <<-- Like that.
  1. Numbered lists are created using the "#" symbol at the beginning of each line.
  • Linking to an internal page is as simple as copying the NAME of the page, and enclosing it in double square brackets "[[" and "]]". External links are easy, too. A single bracket "[" then the web address, add a space, and then text to give a name to the link then a closing bracket "]" and you've made a link. For example: Heres a Wiki Page on How To Edit Wiki Pages. Here's another: Wiki Cheat Sheet

In many spots, adding content may be as simple as typing in a single name, or point of information. There's also a variety of templates you can use to make formatting easier. You can click on the Special Pages link in the left menu column, scroll down to High Use Pages, and select Most linked-to templates. This will provide a list of all the templates that are in high-use on the wiki.

When in doubt, give it a try! That's the great thing about a wiki: It's fluid. If you don't like how something looks, simply roll it back, or Cancel the edit. You can also contact Cordir or Katrana for pointers. Soloban is also an excellent resource as well!

Tips for Posting TFC Logs

When posting a TFC log, remember that many elements of a log will cause wiki issues: asterisks in descriptions, thief infos and emotes will all cause unintended consequences. In the case of asterisks "*" or number signs "#", add a "nowiki" tag to either side of them. Try doing these steps in this specific order, to preserve formatting.

  • Edit the log for content - removing whatever gossips or eating/drinking isn't relevant to the log, if you wish.
  • Your mud client may insert an extra character into your logs. Check to see if a Manual Line Break is present, and if so, replace it with a Paragraph Mark.
  • Using a word processing program, do a "Find/Replace" for the following wiki sensitive items:
    • "###" - replace it with <nowiki>###</nowiki>.
    • a paragraph mark followed by a space - replace it with just a paragraph return (in Microsoft Word, you will find Paragraph returns listed when you select the MORE button, then SPECIAL, and Paragraph Mark is at the top of the list). These are usually found at emotes.
  • Add line breaks to your document by doing a global find/replace for Paragraph Marks and replace it with <BR>Paragraph Mark.
  • Format certain text (WHO lists, etc) into courier typeface using the <TT> and </TT> tags. Or, you can simply insert a space at the beginning of the row. Either way works.