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Official Information


       drop <object>
       drop <amount> coins
       empty <container>
       empty <container> ground
       empty <container> <anothercontainer>
       get  <object>
       get  <object> <container>
       give <object> <character>
       give <amount> coins <character>
       put  <object> <container>

DROP drops an object, or some coins, on the ground.

EMPTY empties a container (both in-room and in-inventory) into inventory,
onto the ground, or into another container. NOTE: It is possible that the
receiving container may not hold all the items from the original container,
and in that case the leftover items remain in the original container.

GET gets an object, either lying on the ground, or from a container, or
even from a corpse. Room containers are counted first, followed by
containers in your inventory. TAKE is a synonym for GET.

GIVE gives an object, or some coins, to another character.

PUT puts an object into a container in your inventory or in the room.

DROP, GET and PUT understand the object names 'ALL' for all objects and
'ALL.object' for all objects with the same name.