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There are multiple ways to connect to The Final Challenge. Regardless of the connection method, you can reach TFC at: 4000 OR 4000

Java / Web App

The home page at has a Java applet that will allow you to connect. Just click "Play The Final Challenge"!

Command Prompt / Telnet

You may also use your built in telnet functionality with PCs/Linux and MACs by entering the following syntax into either DOS, or BASH prompt.

telnet 4000

Or just use this link to open the telnet session automatically (if your system has it installed).


There are many different clients all with slightly different features or for different operating systems. Here are some we recommend:

Mudlet - Being available for Linux, Windows and Mac makes this easy to install on any system. Many tools for triggers and GUI manipulation.

MUSHclient - An excellent client for Windows that also has many available plugins for it (or you can write your own).

Atlantis - Very popular client for the Mac OS

BlowTorch - A free client for your Android phone or tablet.

MUDMaster - An inexpensive client for your iPhone

ChroMUD - A free, web-based plugin for the Chrome web browser.

zMUD 30 day free trial. Does not play well with Windows 7.

cMUD 30 day free trial. From the makers of zMUD. Works with Windows 7.

Also at Mud Connector you can find a more definitive list.

For more assistance with scripting clients see the Tools page.