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Borlan will store any equipment that you wish him to. In fact, he
encourages you to store your things with him, so that he can pay off
his "little" debt to Merrick, whom he considers nothing more than a
petty thief and scoundrel. Only the fact that the Midgaard authorities
consider Merrick's activities legal stands between Borlan going after
Merrick with the well-used sword he keeps at his side. The sword is
reputed to be of ancient design and power, and has been used to take
care of those that might disrupt his business. You notice a peculiar
scar that goes around Borlan's muscular neck, which Borlan chooses not
to hide. Rather, it is the mute testimony of an assassination attempt
that Borlan is convinced Merrick was behind. The assassin no longer walks
the realm of the living, yet the scar lives on to warn any others who
might wish Borlan harm. He says, 'Merrick convinced poor innocent
Mish to go into business with him. I hope he doesn't kill her like
he tried to kill me.'

Borlan leads a charmed life.
Borlan is in perfect health.

You peek at the inventory: