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Land feature descriptions

Cannibal Island - A dense jungle covers the island home of the cannibals. The wise avoid this place...all others become dinner.

Cillidellian Woods - Ancient oaks make up the large majority of these woods, and there are those who say they have even caught a glimpse of an ent here and there within them.

Cliffs of Aran - The Cliffs of Aran are truly spectacular, rising straight up several hundred feet. The foolhardy attempt to climb up the cliffs; their remains can be found on the rocks at the base.

Cymraeg - The warm waters of the Cymraeg flow slowly out of the jungle to where it meets the icy waters of the Wyz. Together they form the Tiber under a dense layer of fog.

Deepwood - Good and Evil fight for domination of these woods, with both sides locked in a perpetual struggle to determine which is stronger. Beware the unseen for what it holds may not be a pleasant surprise...

Eastern Desert - Sand dunes and sandstorms dominate this wasteland, driving the most seasoned adventurer insane as they try to get their bearings from the hostile landscape. Terror awaits in many portions of the desert, and care is always required because who knows what lies over the next rise - a sandworm, a city ruin, undead beings, or perhaps even the biggest terror of them all....

Eastern Horn - Known collectively with its lesser known counterpart to the west, the Eastern Horn thrusts its way outward into the Maelmordian Seas on the eastern side of Safehaven Bay. At its foot lies Safehaven itself, gateway to the Southern Continent.

Eastern Swamps - The River Fastwater feeds these swamps and supports a myriad of lower life forms amoungst the trees and mud bogs. Some stories have come back of a lizard who proclaimed himself king living there, but most scoff at such craziness.

Fastwater - The River Fastwater flows swiftly across the northern continent, passing near many fabled places. If the river could only speak of the things it has witnessed... Most avoid the central stretch of the river where it passes through swamps and over a few waterfalls, but the rest of the route it takes across the land is quite navigable.

Forest of Fear - The name of these woods is well chosen. Those few who have escaped its clutches speak of witches, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, necromancers, and even worse things hiding in the woods, waiting for the careless and foolish to happen by.

Great Western Road (GWR) - Leading from Ofcol in the North to Seaside in the South, the Great Western Road is one of the main trade routes serving the continent. As with any trade route, bandits can be expected in the most unexpected places, and those seeking adventure may try one of the many turnoffs along the way.

Haon' Dor - Large trees and trails dominate these woods, leading off into the dark portions of the eastern world. Rumors have come back about the terrible creatures said to inhabit these woods. Only a brave soul would venture into its deepest parts if even half the stories were true.

In'zerre - The In'zerre flows peacefully northward, a sharp contrast to the very fast current of the Tiber which spawns it. On its banks are the woodlands of the southern continent, and in the middle of its course it flows into and out of Lake Stillwater.

Lightwood Forest - Gnomes and halflings strive to eke out a peaceable living in these woods, but they are on constant alert for the goblins and kobolds who love to raid their towns...

Loch Raven - Loch Raven is quite shallow, and is a great place to go fishing. The wise fisherman, however, will avoid Ramsey Island in its center. Stories abound of horrors on that island...precious few have lived to tell the tale of an adventure there.

Lower Tiber - The Lower Tiber races northward from Loch Raven past the city of Nydia on its way to Safehaven Bay. Along the way there are several rapids which the smart adventurer will avoid via the safe portage on the bank.

Molotov - Dominated by the Molotov Volcano, this island is amongst the most dangerous places in the world. Despite that, some seek it out for the mysteries that lie on its shores...and in the depths of the volcano itself.

Mountains of Mystery - These high mountains are not well explored. Few survive long enough to get this far south in the world, and those that do speak of strange places which surpass even the most outlandish imaginations.

Northern Mountains - Cold wind, blowing snow, and danger fill the northern most reaches of the range. Further south, dwarves have taken up residence in various areas as have the giants. Kobolds and goblins also have gained a toehold in these mountains and they do not take kindly to strangers intruding into their territories. One word of warning: Only the bravest strive to see what is hidden in the darkness on the eastern side of the range.

Oort Range - The Oort Range are high snow covered mountains, and some of the most inhospitable terrain in all the world. Those who travel them always bring along extra provisions because they know it is quite easy to become lost for days.

Pirate Island - The pirate island was created long ago by the extinct volcano on its northern shore. Jungle has since covered most of the island, right up to the shores of the lagoon. It is in the lagoon that the pirates anchor, resting up before sailing out to terrorize the seas.

The Ruins - Destruction and desolation rained down on the city, driving out the populace and leaving nothing behind except the scent of evil.

Safehaven Bay - Here at the mouth of the Tiber, Safehaven Bay provides shelter from the storms of the Maelmordian Seas. On its shores is the city of Safehaven itself, gateway to the Southern Continent.

Southern Mountains - This small mountain chain has become home to a small band of dwarves, and nearby the mystical powers of the elements are exploited to their fullest potential.

Lake Stillwater - Lake Stillwater is serene and peaceful, and on most days nary a ripple can be seen on its surface. The halflings of EmDeeVille live near its shores, and they love to swim in the safety of its waters. They have a legend, too, that the waters of the lake have special properties which enhance a person's ability for endurance, but most adventurers scoff at that notion.

Tier Sh'Halen - The mere name strikes fear into the hearts of some...but there are treasures and rewards for those brave enough to explore what remains of the fabled lost city and the island that surrounds it.

Uncharted Island - The island rises up out of the seas, cold and inhospitable. No one yet has found a way onto it shores...nor solved its riddles.

Upper Tiber - The Upper Tiber races northward from where the Wyz and Cymraeg comingle to form it, to where it empties into Loch Raven. Along the way it spawns off the In'zerre as it passes through some of the dense forests of the southern continent.

Western Horn - Known collectively with it's more famous counterpart to the east, the Western Horn thrusts its way outward into the Maelmordian Seas on the wastern side of Safehaven Bay. Across the waters of the bay lies Safehaven itself, gateway to the Southern Continent.

Whitefrost Forest - Artic conditions have frozen these woods into a twisted, confusing mass. As one of the few entries into the northern mountains, these woods must be dealt with by any seasoned adventurer, if only to prove they are worth their salt.

Western Coast - The coast west of Safehaven Bay and the Western Horn is rugged, harsh, and rocky. For nearly its entire length are steep cliffs, among them the famed Cliffs of Aran.

Western Swamp - Few have entered these swamps, and even fewer have returned. Those that do return must be given strong liquor to calm them, and even then the horrors they discovered still cause them to quake with fear.

The Wyz - The Wyz is icy cold and swiftly flowing. Where it joins with the warm waters of the Cymraeg it creates the Tiber...and a dense bank of fog.

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