The world

Dragons and lizards, kobolds and gnomes, creatures large and small...TFC has them all. A world laid out with geographical continuity and diversity, TFC offers places where any level player can find the necessary levels that will provide them the challenges they seek.

The Northern Continent is overrun by the human race, and as can be expected, is densely populated in several regions. Still, it does have its wild and untamed places. The Southern Continent, is settled to a lesser extent, but has a lively trade. Communities in the Outland Frontier struggle to survive in the harsh wilderness that makes up the vast majority of its interior. The Maelmordian Seas surround the continents. Several islands are out in the ocean...but only the brave sail to them because the seas are also the realm of sea monsters, giant sharks, and things too terrible to mention. For maps and descriptions of some portions of the realm, click on the links below. A brave soul is needed before a general map of the Outland Frontier can be provided.

And if you're interested in adding to the world, links to area writing information are also available below.

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