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General hometown descriptions & ASCII maps

Maps are organized by continent. You can read the brief town description, and then click on any of the following town names to view the maps. (Note that the first map will open in a separate browser window, and after that maps will open in the existing new browser window. You will need to close it to return to this page.)

Northern Continent maps
  Aaracity - Aaracity is the home of the Aarakocrans on the northern continent. They live on the sides of a canyon found deep within a forest. New Aara's here play amongst the trees and vines, but try to avoid getting lost in the foliage.
  Dwarvenhold - Dwarvenhold is hidden far to the north under a mountain, and is where the northern continent Dwarves live. Tales of great evils in the tunnels near the city abound, but new Dwarves love the place and find many adventures there.
  Half-Elf Camp - The Half-Elf Camp is stuck in the woods outside of Midgaard and Loth-Lorien, and is despised by both. The citizens here lead a humdrum existence, and find little relief from their misery as outcasts. New half-elves try to find some relief by playing in their huge tree house, but usually they meet a terrible end in the forests that surround the camp.
  Harper's Landing - Harper's Landing is also on the northern continent, near the headwaters of the River Fastwater. Home to the finest apple pies in the world, it is a truly wonderful place to long as the Orcs stay away. New Humans usually sail down the river and play at the Midgaard swimming hole rather than face the dangers of the woods nearby.
  Hovelton - Hovelton is home to the northern continent Halflings. Nestled in the Lightwood Forest, it is a place which treasures a peaceful way of life. New Halflings here often explore the tunnels under the town or wander through the strange home of the mutants which lies nearby.
  Loth-Llorien - Loth-Lorien is the fabled treetop home of the northern continent Elves. New Elves play amongst the tree branches and in the roots of the great tree, often telling of getting trapped because a termite refused to move out of the way.
  Malenest - Malenest is also in the north, and off in the western woodlands. The area is dangerous because of marauding Orcs, but the Elves have settled in and are seeking to make it their ownt. New Elves here usually must content themselves with playing amongst the trees of the forest.
  Midgaard - Midgaard is the largest human town in the world, located at the middle of the northern continent on the east side of the Great Western Road. New Humans here play in the swimming hole, and often talk of adventuring through the Kobold Mines to the northeast.
  Og - Og is the home of the northern continent Ogres. For an Ogre, it is a paradise. For anyone else, it is a smelly dump. New Ogres venture into the bog nearby to find adventure, but most wisely avoid the swamp and its twisted woods until they are stronger.
  Skor'lanis -Skor'lanis is the home of the Giants in the north, tucked away in the northeastern mountains. New Giants here often talk of exploring the caves where a howling spirit tries to scare them away.
  Thistlerock - Thistlerock is hidden in some hills near the River Fastwater, providing a home for the northern continent Gnomes. New Gnomes play along the river, or venture off to the north seeking adventure in the Kobold Mines.

Southern Continent maps
  Aran - Aran is where the southern continent Aarakocra seek to survive. High atop the cliffs overlooking the Maelmordian Seas, they scrape out a meager living while trying to constantly fend off enemy attack. New Aara's here play along the cliff tops, chasing gulls, or venture down to the beach to play with the seals.
  Cillidellia - Cillidellia is another fantastic Elven city, this time on the southern continent. Elves here have mastered the forces of magic, seeking to turn it to uses for the betterment of all. New Elves here often run through the caves or across the Eastern Horn for adventures too numerous to count.
  EmDeeVille - EmDeeVille is a quaint village where the Halflings of the southern continent live. Commonly referred to as "wine country" by those who know, the new Halfling can find several adventures cavorting through the Cyrenian Gardens or the loganberry vineyards.
  Gla-Shorn's Realm - Gla-Shorn's Realm is where the southern continent Gnomes live. The city is a mecca of commerce, but it is also remote. As such, new Gnomes usually must be content with playing out on the glacier until they are strong enough to venture further from home.
  Kuroth - Kuroth is set in the mountains of the southern continent and provides a haven for Humans. The area is dangerous and they are constantly on guard for enemy attack, but a new Human here can find plenty of fun and adventure at the magical underground farm near the city.
  Lineaoth Valley - Lineaoth Valley is not really a city at all, but is a mining camp high in the mountains of the southern continent. The Dwarves here face a life of hardship and toil, and new Dwarves must content themselves with venturing in the mines or perhaps travelling to a neighboring valley for relief from the stress of daily existence.
  Nydia - Nydia is another spot on the southern continent Half-elves can call home. Built on the shores of Loch Raven, it is smack dab in the middle of the continent and is a crossroads for travelers of all sorts. A new Half-elf here usually is content playing in the loch, but some foolish ones venture into the strange house on Ramsay Island and meet a terrible fate.
  Safehaven - Safehaven is a bustling seaport on the southern continent, and provides quite a home for the Half-elves. Nearby, some caves and the Eastern Horn provide adventure for the new Half-elves.
  Skull Top - Skull Top is the city Ogres call home on the southern continent. It is a mystical place, following the guidance of the shamans on how to live. new Ogres find adventure in the lands that surround the city, often talking of strange creatures and strange items.
  War'loov's Fortress - War'loov's Fortress is a mountain-top retreat far in the interior of the southern continent. The area is dangerous and they are constantly on guard for enemy attack. New Minotaurs here learn quickly to be on guard when with other races, and often avoid them and instead play in the forests below their mountain home.

Outland Frontier maps
  Braddlebury - Braddlebury's residents seem to be a worried and stressed lot. Still, there are plenty of meadows for young halfling children to play in, and the business of farming goes well. Braddlebury is not far from a river on the Outland Frontier.
  Barbegazi - Barbegazi is where a few hardy gnomes have settled, hidden away in plain sight in a populated area of the Outland Frontier. These crafty gnomes enjoy deceiving their above-ground neighbors.
  Dhuvrad - The dwarf city of Dhuvrad is nestled underneath the outland frontier. Dhuvrad was once a very lucrative mining operation. It eventually became a popular settlement and grew from that, to the city it is today.
  Rowengard - Rowengard is the hometown of the humans on the Outland Frontier. They live slightly inland, not far from Rowen Bay. New Humans here can wander the streets of the town or enjoy the shops.
  Tiren's Rock - Tiren's Rock is where the the water race of sahuagins originates. It is located in the Maelmordian Seas near the Outland Frontier. Like all denizens of the deep, residents of Tiren's Rock regularly find themselves face to face with extreme danger if they are not careful. New sahuagins play cautiously among the kelp.

Maps of the seas
  The Isle - The Isle is an isolated refuge for Giants out on the Maelmordian Seas. Governed by the shamanic way, they lead a pastoral life. New Giants here must be content with playing with sheep and goats in the meadows until such time as they are strong enough to venture out onto the open sea to seek other adventures.
  Mithas - Mithas is home to the Minotaurs that live close to the northern continent. Their island is right off the southwest coast. Life on Mithas is somewhat harsh, and new Minotaurs learn early on how to sail to the continent.

These ASCII maps may also be bought online from Wendell at any time.

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