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The TFC area writer's guide

Writing areas for The Final Challenge is a complex task. To simplify the process as much as possible, the Area Writer's Guide was created. This document describes the rules of area building, the guidelines for submission, the general themes that can be used, and the area file format that TFC uses.

Table of Contents
(All of the items below are links)

General Overview of Area Building
The Rules of Area Building for TFC
Guidelines for Submitting Areas for TFC Inclusion
The TFC World View
Area Building Tools
Area Building Hints
Definition of Terms

The Layout of an Area File
The Area Header
The Helps Block
The Mobiles Block
The Objects Block
The Rooms Block
The Resets Block
The Shops Block
The Specials Block
The Triggers Block
The Rspecs Block

Types of Records
A Help Record
A Mob Record
An Object Record
A Room Record
A Reset Record
A Shop Record
Special, Trigger, and Rspec Records

Appendix A: Aproved Spell Numbers
Appendix B: The Flag List
Appendix C: Item Type Value Specifications
Appendix D: Approved Specfuns

(2nd Edition, revised & updated to include TFC 3.x extensions. Further revised & converted to HTML
© 1995,1997 Joseph G. Kathan. © 2000, 2001 Ryan Holmes. © 2002, 2003 The Final Challenge MUD.)

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