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Retired Demigod
AKA Nashite Aretha of the Order of the Draoi

Xavier, the former bishop of the Black Conclave of Nashite, is now the Nashite Aretha of the Order of Draoi. This title also places him in charge of the Order of Quinalt, the lesser order of his faith.

This neutral following follows the dictates of Lord Nash and acts aggressively without alignment discrimination.

There are three offices within the Order of the Draoi, that of the Deacon, the Teacher and the Priest. Ordains are generally considered High Priests but may receive individualized titles, such as Judge and Prophet.

Seniority is strictly adhered to within the following and rank advancement is granted based on Xavier's review. If you should feel you deserve advancement, drop a hint and he will examine your record.

Loyalty within the Order is essential. Should any signs of disloyalty be found, pain will be inflicted. Interdependancy is also key, if your services are required you grant their use, should you need the services of others they are granted in return. Such is a family, such is the order.

Those seeking admittance should seek Xavier or a Priest.

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